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Monday, 4 January 2010

Brown Interview: Update

The Daily Mail has printed a handy comparison between some of Brown's words and the facts - click to enlarge:

"After testy exchanges on the economy with Marr, Mr Brown attempted to storm off the set, was told to sit still and then refused to make eye contact with the presenter."

Unfortunately, that was missed on the videos I posted yesterday but it seems to be par for the course for this petulant man and believable because he's done it before.

Evasive Brown


  1. As the farce began, grinning Snotpicker's meds were at their peak. As time rolled by they began to wear off. The man is deranged and delusional. So was Adolf Hitler.

  2. He certainly has his moods OR but he's shown in the past that he can't abide being questioned. He's reasonably self-controlleed so long as everything's agreeable but the moment there's a murmur of dissent or the hint of opposition he becomes quite aggressive (while still smiling - and that's spooky!)

  3. Has any footage surfaced yet of Brown trying to leave? If not, let me know, I have it and will put it on YT if no one else has yet ;-)

  4. Brilliant - no it hasn't and we could all do with a good laugh. Thanks GoT.

  5. Leave it with me. Also noticed something else so I'll get to work and post it all later this evening ;-)

  6. I'll put the Horlicks back in the kitchen then.


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