"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Brown Interview: Andrew Marr Show

If you had the good fortune to miss the interview, as I did, here it is; no-one escapes the Brown. Security, Alchy Ada, Iraqan and Smallia feature in the first part.

Part 2 (2:48) in which he rejects Cameron's idea of a joint War Cabinet.
Part 3 (9:01) in which he talks about "the decision of the decade" and the big issues dividing Labour from the Conservatives. His vision for the future of Britain is: "as the digital, low-carbon, biotechnology, education, creative industry, leader of the world..." where "all the talent of the world is able to descend on us...". Marr takes him to task on 'de-industrialisation'. Naturally, "that's not quite correct," said Brown. He also says "we are the leading offshore wind power"  (I didn't know that) and then reels off a list of foreign-owned car companies. He accuses Marr of "talking down Britain." He doesn't like to be questioned does he?  'What-wha-wha-what-bu-bu-bu-bu-but'
Part 4 (9:20) in which there's more talk on the economy, the CBI, international co-operation, the General Election, dissent within the Party etc. When asked if there will be a Labour budget this spring Brown said: "Of course there will be a budget, if, er, if, if, if, if the time is right." Hahahahahahaha. And, it gets worse as he goes on to list his 'achievements' and talk about himself in the third person.

Here's a 0:31sec clip of something very special:


  1. Brown slavers on about the radicalisation of these bombers in Yemen, Somalia etc.

    The Nigerian was radicalised here, in the UK.

    Does that mean the US will deploy Predator drones over the UK?

    If so can we ask the to take up James Gordon Brown. The UK is. after all, a failed state.

  2. These old sayings are always so true. For example you cannot polish a turd!

  3. Yes, Bugger, he was radicalised here and his 'mentor' still preaches to universities and mosques via video links.

    It's not an expression I use myself OR but someone's been polishing it and when he's booted out at the GE he'll be in line for a fine job somewhere 'global' - IMF? G20?

  4. He'll be in line for a job with Disney.

    He has a good track record for working there so when he gets stuck right in we can be sure that this disnae work and that disnae work.

    I'll get my bamboo.


  5. Hmm... you'd better shoot off now.

  6. I saw last night that the BBC were giving it the big build up to Comrade Marr's exclusive, and almost weekly interview with their own beloved leader, and so purposely missed it. In fact, other than the odd sports programme, I don't think I watch anything on the BBC anymore, because it's just propaganda, politically correct gerrymandering, and more to the point, utter shite.

  7. The pantomime season is in full swing.

  8. I can't watch that biased, lickspittle, Marr, GV, on the biased BBC, and as for that "smile" - eeewwww!!!

  9. I see you've changed your avatar D&C - this one suits you better! I rarely watch the BBC as well but I don't see anyone who's any better at getting to the truth of the matter. Politics/media is all far too cosy.

    VotR - we've got another five months of this so you'd better keep the sick-bucket next to the zapper.

    What gets me BS is that about 30% of people in various polls still say they'll vote Labour so they must like the smile, the squirming and the policies. They're still looking at very narrow Party issues.

  10. Count the unemployed, the longterm sick, the civil and local government servants(?, the people in the advertising, various fake charities, certain immigrant groups, branding imaging, BBC and other bought media and finally the corrupt parliamentarians of both Houses and I would wager this is more 30% of the non postal vote electors.

    My problem is how come only 30% of this electorate say they will keep on voting Labour. Don't they, the % who will bite the hand that feeds the realise that Cameron will crucify the.

    Or maybe they realise that he will not as he is Tony Blair II.

  11. He cant bring in full body scanners without the approval of the EU, will someone tell this fool he`s not in charge.

  12. There'll always be those who can't look beyond their own narrow interests and their own wallets, Bugger. I think Cameron must regret the day he was styled 'heir to Blair' - it's a terrible thing to have hanging over his head.

    Get Smart - at the moment the EU isn't keen on them, but I bet Brown can persuade them it's for our own good. Heathrow has said they can have them installed within the next few weeks. I wonder how they'll deal with the burqas?


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