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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Islam4UK March In Wootton Bassett?

Apparently there's a media blackout and film crews were banned. Has anyone heard anything about this? It sounds like Choudary & Co turned up and he was arrested or 'removed for his own protection'. It was only this morning when Alan Johnson said the march was banned along with Islam4UK and al-Muhajiroun and there's nothing on the EDL site.

H/t: Sarah, Maid of Albion and Derby Patriot
This is how the local newspaper, This is Wiltshire, is reporting it but according to a commenter, police and riot vans did turn out and EDL supporters did turn up.  Choudary didn't; he and his supporters were reportedly stopped and arrested on the motorway.


  1. He cancelled and said his point had been made.

  2. That's what he said Panda, but eye witnesses saw coaches with his supporters in pulled up in a Sainsbury car park and Choudary turned back - I suppose it will all come out in the wash. It still cost the Police to turn out and disruption to the residents, so I guess he made his point. Next time, he wants some PR he should do it outside Downing St.

  3. They should have been allowed to 'protest' for several reasons:

    (1) We should not be denying people the right to protest, no matter how offensive it might be to many.

    (2) That they were prevented is a propaganda victory for those who would claim that, for example, the EDL can protest, but Islam4UK can not.

    Most importantly:

    (3) Widespread TV coverage of these dreadful morons might well jerk a large section of the population into something resembling reality. There are people inside this country who want to destroy it, and who want to kill everyone who refuses to kow-tow to their neolithic customs and morals. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that this number is not growing.

  4. On this subject, it's nice to know once and for all that the U.A.F. and their assorted Socialists, support Islam4UK so strongly. Why else would they issueDeath threats to a concerned mother living near Wootton Bassett, who was alarmed by Choudary and his radical Islamists?

  5. I agree Edgar and that's why they were turned back 'for their own protection'. It will be interesting to see how quickly Johnson implements his promise to ban the group. Equating them with, eg the BNP, leaves that group open to similar charges though and it makes me uneasy. Did you see the BNP link in the Sunday Round-up - already tptb are crowing that the BNP may not get its act together in time for the GE so effectively denying a huge swathe of the electorate their vote.

    Hi D&C, Cameron still hasn't withdrawn his support for the UAF, which is worrying. Yes, the woman who was threatened is the one who started up the Facebook page calling for the march to bebanned. btw - is your blog coming back? I'm still linking to a blank page.

  6. G.V.

    No, Dazed & Confused wont be back on Blogger so just delete the link. The only reason the monikers still around is because of its association with We4 Productions. I'm currently teaching myself programmes like "Flash" and "After Effects", hoping to introduce a flash based blog on wordpress in the not too distant future, where-by I can trial run one or two things that as yet, haven't been tried on an "alleged" political style blog.

  7. Thanks D&C and good luck with the new one. I already link to We4 - I think it's a good idea to group together.


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