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Monday, 4 January 2010

More Info From A Shut-down Blogger

As you'll have gathered, this is more of a ranty/exasperated EU/NWO blog, not a crusading one but I'll post as and when I receive the docs. On a very basic level, it isn't right that a blogger can be shut down for providing information which it is 'in the public interest' to know. The documentation essentially concerns OLAF, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Legal Services Ombudsman, the European Secretariat, the Charity Commission, the Information Commissioner's Office & Sheffield CC amongst others - it's a far-reaching tangled web. If anyone wants to take this up please email me (sidebar).


xx xx 2007

For the personal attention of:
Elm House
10 - 16 Elm Street
London WC1X 1BJ

Dear xxx,

This letter is written following the statement in The xxx that you were ordered to close an investigation into corruption and bribery.

For nearly five years, the SFO has been in receipt of the objective evidence demonstrating government-lead fraud and corruption with respect to Eurofunds. Denial was not an honest option. For four years you have effectively done absolutely nothing, like your predecessor.

The Eurofraud and corruption was exposed in an unbroken evidence trail from the Dore Labour Party Chair and Lowedges forum, through the corrupt Sheffield Council, then Regional Government of Yorkshire and the Humber, Ministers, and, finally, the fony bliar itself at No 10.

In response, I have received blatant lies from your department. I have also shown a link between your organisation and two identified corrupt political placements within OLAF (and Kinnock ). Through using both the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, documents were provided that show that members of your department were not only colluding with the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, not least by futile and incompetent attempts at suppressing evidence, but were demeaning, humiliating and patronising of me in their correspondence, including to third parties such as European Commission organisations.

But one of the consistent features of the Eurofraud and corruption was that those who were either directly or indirectly involved have since received Honours in return for their services rendered to nulabor.

Who ordered you NOT to prosecute for the Eurofraud ?

Yours sincerely,

xxx xxx

See also:Common Purpose, Paedophilia & Corruption


  1. send it to Old Holborn and he will publish.

    On his website is how you can contact hi/

  2. It's hundreds of files - thanks for the tip though, Bugger, I'll pass it on.


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