"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 25 January 2010

Now I'm glad Brits don't riot

No, really.

We live in a nation with a State that assumes every adult to be a paedophile unless proven otherwise. They can take your kids away by simply deeming you "not bright enough", whilst knowingly leaving children in the hands of parents who abuse them until they die.

No riot.

They can destroy pubs in a thinly disguised mission to ruin British social culture and stop people talking to each other in an unmonitored environment. Thus "liberating" bar staff from smoke and their jobs and leaving what used to be social hubs, reduced to graffiti covered, derelict dumps. Or worse still, "affordable housing" that nobody can actually afford anymore.

And still no riot.

They can live the high life at your expense and mine, flipping and furnishing houses, and claiming for TV licences, Sky subscriptions and anything else not at all necessary for their duties. They can again deem you "not bright enough" when it comes to making decisions on what you want to see in your own life and the country in which you live. They can say it openly. You're stupid. They're not. Because they said so. So be quiet down there if you know what's good for you.

Still no riot. A few mumblings. Business as usual.

They can call you names for resisting attempts by them and their NWO pals to get richer at your expense. They can send the boys round to take away your hard earned possessions. You cannot defend your own home - not even if you're a slightly built woman with a small child. They can bribe your nextdoor neighbours to spy on you. They can engineer mass immigration displacing locals from jobs and putting immense pressure on the infrastructure, labelling you "racist" in public if you question it. They can deem you insane without the aid of a trial and proceed to lock you up. There are blogs about it. They can shoot you with a taser for being drunk in public, pulverise 90-somethings over parking tickets, unleash the rest of the world's criminals upon you so those countries' own authorities don't have to deal with them (yuman rites, innit?) and they can murder those seen as political opposition and hide the evidence until we're all dead.

Nothing. No riot. No saying "No!". No assassinations. Barely a shred of real disobedience from this downtrodden population.

And for now, I'm GLAD. Glad too many of us huff, puff and then switch on the TV.

If our elected and unelected "leaders" are going to bring in the Civil Contingencies Act, which they're dying to do, they're going to have to use "terror". Their operational scope has been reduced to this one single issue. Unintended consequences of softening up a population before time = no riots and no realistic justification for draconian control measures. Only unrealistic ones.

Then we'll have a riot. Maybe.

(Note: This is a guest post from Corrugated Soundbite)


  1. Cheap booze, reality tv, poor education and a very generous welfare state = no riot.

  2. Has anyone crunched the numbers?

    By that I mean: who is there that would riot, if the need arose?

    The sick, lame and lazy = x million

    The illegal immigrants = x million

    The public sector = x million

    How many does it leave?

    Is the real answer "Not enough?".


  3. There is no organized resistance. The EDL may grow into that - that's why the PTB are so set against them. There is potential there.

  4. Hypnosis works a treat, doesn't it JPT. Although the price of the favourite chav juices is on the rise, the power cuts are on the way and the money's run out. Let's hope when it goes belly up, there's someone around who knows the chav lingo well enough to lead them all on to Westminster.

    In the meantime, a few thousand of us engaging in a little peaceful rebellion would be far scarier.

  5. Great post. I completely agree. One day, things will be a riot.

  6. it may be too late my friend............

  7. Angel - never say die.. tptb think they've heard the dying gasp of the UK - they haven't.


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