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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

PMQs: Verdict + Videos

Brown in intensive care after being sh@fted by his own Party.

Ah, well!  Back to the Great Deception; the meaningless tit-for-tat brickbats and soundbites which comprise Prime Minister's Questions.

Brown began with a roll call of the eight servicemen kia in Afghanistan since the last PMQs.  He also paid respect to David Taylor, the Labour MP who died on Boxing Day.

Brian Donohoe (Lab. Ayrshire Central) had the first question and asked for an update on the Underpants Bomber.

The first of a new generation of body-scanners will be in operation at Heathrow within the next few weeks and then rolled out across the country.  "While the person who was involved in the Dee-troit incident was refused a visa and was not on our watch list - er, was on our watch list [*sigh*] - we are nevertheless reviewing and enhancing our watch list arrangements."  Also said they would be looking at enhanced co-operation with intelligence services.

Cameron also paid tribute to the fallen and to David Taylor before moving on to the economy and the public deficit.  The CBI, OECD and the Bank of England have warned "there is no public plan to deal with this deficit [£178bn].   Why does the PM think that all these people take that view?"

Brown: global financial recession, debt lower than America, France, Italy, Japan, every euro area.....  will not take advice from the Conservatives... have published a deficit reduction plan...raises top rate of tax/NI contributions, cuts in major depts, no cuts in frontline spending...

Someone should have a quiet word with Peter Hain who sat to Brown's left and tell him that orange & fuschia is not a good look.  The Labour benches were very colourful today as Brown shouted, pointed and banged against a backdrop of red and purple ties, blue suits and fuschia blouses.

Cameron:  Fiscal Responsibility Bill is "completely feeble"; "what's needed is not an Act of Parliament but an act of political will, an act of courage."   Brown changed the subject and spoke about the married couple's allowance.

Cameron had the first joke of the session: "What a lot of desperate rubbish.  The difference between me and the Prime Minister is this: when I lean across and say 'I love you darling', I really mean it."  The Conservative b/benchers enjoyed it even if Darling did not.  There was a brief shot of someone passing Hain a note at this point; I wonder if it was a copy of the Hoon/Hewitt letter?  Cameron continued: "the only divorce that's taking place is between this Prime Minister and reality." Cameron went on to accuse Brown of being 'disingenous' when it came to capital spending and his claim that spending would rise by 0.8%.

Brown returned to his theme of the day - the Conservative position on the married couple's allowance. He followed that by asking Cameron about the Conservatives' own deficit reduction plan.

Cameron: Apparently not one Labour b/bencher spoke for last night's FR Bill "A divided Party without a proper plan is putting Britain's recovery at risk."  Brown thought it the perfect moment to witter about Conservative plans for educational maintenance allowances.

Let's move on to Clegg and see if he fares any better with the answers.  "What is aspirational about a tax system which he has created where the poorest 20% pay more from their income in tax than the richest 20%?"  Brown has an awful habit of speaking to Clegg as if he were a recalcitrant and backward child - very patronising.  Clegg did very well this week and hit home.

Overall it was lively and Cameron has been consistent in his attack over the past few months, although I'd personally like to see more teeth.  The despatch box took another beating from Brown this week and I'll post videos asap but, in the meantime, here's an indication of how the session went down with commentators at the live chat:  sh!te, @rse, fuckw!t, l!ar, sh!t creek, tw@t, g!t, cr@p, kickbacks, drone, muppets.
UPDATE: The Brown/Cameron exchange


  1. so many tools..arg! keep up the fight..and don't lose heart! :)

  2. You've got your fair share too Angel. I've just posted a video you might like - America Rising :-)

  3. What a bloody awful performance on both sides, GV - they need a new script, this old one's in tatters!

    Talking of tatters, that picture at the top of the post made my eyes water - ouch!

  4. The pic's disgusting isn't it Spidey? I keep wondering how the hell it happened! As for pmqs - it was a bad week - Cameron was the same as always - attacking but not too harshly for reasons best known to himself, and Brown was a no-question-answering, blustering muppet. Terrible.


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