"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Round-Up

Leaked by RAF sources:  Proof that Brown vetoed purchase of helicopters 2002/2003. "Military chiefs have long complained that the Treasury under Brown starved them of resources. Only now, however, can Brown’s personal involvement in the battles with the MoD be disclosed."
“I want to be a suicide bomber.”   Muslim extremists target UK's under-tens. Schools and Local Authorities not named.  Children offered “diversionary” activities.
Home Sec set to ban Islam4UK, al-Muhajiroun and proposed march in Wootton Bassett "The move will make it a criminal offence - punishable by up to ten years in jail - to become a member or to attend or address any meetings. It also allows the authorities to tear down websites used by the groups to spread hate, promote violence and recruit new members. The action will also make it a criminal offence to raise funds." 
UPDATE: It looks as though Choudary's also been running a lucrative sideline in conducting secret shari'a weddings

Only a quarter of Britons feel positive towards Muslims. "The report describes a high level of unease regarding the UK’s Muslim population, estimated at around two million, with many people considering that it poses a threat to the nation’s identity."
Schools drop Christian Assemblies in favour of Islamic or multi-faith teachings "One in four primary schoolchildren is from an ethnic minority – double the figure a decade ago. The British Social Attitudes survey found that 69% of parents backed daily prayers in schools yet Christianity in schools is being marginalised."
This takes the biscuit:  "MI5 failed to alert America to intelligence highlighting the extremist links of the Detroit plane bomber because of concerns about breaching his human rights and privacy."
By hook or by crook - limiting your choice at the General Election: Putting the BNP out of action "Whitehall officials believe Griffin will be unable to comply in time with a court order forcing him to change the BNP’s constitution to admit Asians, blacks and members of other ethnic minorities."
Government propaganda spending hits record high and Ofcom investigates public complaints.
Peter Watt puts the boot in"Mr Watt also highlights Mr Brown’s “weird” behaviour, recalling a moment the Prime Minister threw a tantrum at a dinner party for American Democrat politicians after guests sat down without his permission.  For the rest of the meal he was monosyllabic, sulking because he had lost control of the seating plan.  The plates had not even been cleared when quite suddenly, without saying anything, he just got up and left.”
Same story, different newspaper & a fuller account plus MorOn Brown by Watt
Brown turns to Invictus for comfort.  "He insisted that the three attempts to drive him from office had made him stronger and more determined to cling to power.  And in a move that will dismay plotters, he promised to serve a full term if he wins the election, which must be held by June. Despite recent fears about his health, Mr Brown insisted he has never felt fitter and is ready for the next big affray."   Not only 'plotters' will be dismayed by this message from Brown.
Unpaid volunteers (Special Constables) to fill the breach as Police Officers are cut back due to budget constraints.
Predictions of catastrophic sea-rise denounced however, "besides underpinning the Copenhagen talks, the research is also likely to be included in the next report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This would elevate it to the level of global policy-making."
The Barnett Formula is called into question again as public spending is  20% higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK. Total public sector employment currently accounts for 24.8% of total employment in Scotland, including RBS, Lloyds and Northern Rock (23.1% without).
When 'likey' rhymes with 'pikey'.  "Chief Inspector Heather Keating said: ‘Sussex Police have a legal duty to promote community cohesion and tackle unlawful discrimination'.  Police said they would hold the innocent men’s DNA indefinitely, which they said was in line with national policy."


  1. GV

    I posted this on Mungin's Republic Blog. I do not know if you go there but I feel you should get a chance to read my mind on today's Hoon's revelations.

    To my mind they say more about Hoon and his loyalties than about the mindlessness of Gordon Brown.

    The other revelations today about Brown are much more revealing and devastating.

    As I say, Hoon is in my mind the true traitor.

    For me the most devastating feature of this latest revelation is not that Brown is a congenital liar, nor that he is contemptuous of the military and is willing to sacrifice human being on the altar of his sociopathic ego it is the unmasking of those around Brown and the parliamentary Labour Party in particular.

    Hoon, whose name has passed into the Greater Modern English Argot as a substitute for a part of female genitalia reveals all.

    Here he is, Hoon, trying to get helicopters to allow our troops to carry out their duties, in a safer, more efficient and expeditious manner that was, and still is, the case by way of land convoy.

    Here he is, Hoon, being denied the funds to carry out these purchases by the unstable monoculist bean counter.

    Here he is, Hoon, with a charge and, despite being a fully paid up atheist, I call this a sacred charge, and what does he do?


    Nothing, except shut up, toe the Party line and lie through his back teeth to the Press and the Public about how well everything is going. This hold onto the relevant paper exchange in order to protect the anatomical hole opposite his personal virtual "hoon."

    Nothing, except wait until he can use this for whatever personal objective he choses.

    So, some "RAF" sources, yes unbelievably so, choose to release copies of the relevant exchanges showing Brown in a very bad light and Hoon as a loyal Minister.

    Anybody spot the flaw?

    Hoon is loyal to whom?

    To the soldiers, the ones who dies or were injured because of the lack of helicopters?

    To the defence of this Realm to which Hoon is sworn?

    To his Party, first of all and to himself a close second?

    This is as close to treason as I think you can get without duffing the Queen's corgis.

    When Brown and his assorted gang of fraudsters, thieves, mentalists and comedy singers are finally consigned to the cesspit of history does anyone think that we will get a better class of crook from the other Unionist parties?

    I think not, if history is any guide.

    I give you some words from Kipling written in 1917 about another war in Mesopotamia

    They shall not return to us, the resolute, the young,
    The eager and whole-hearted whom we gave:
    But the men who left them thriftily to die in their own dung,
    Shall they come with years and honour to the grave?

    They shall not return to us, the strong men coldly slain
    In sight of help denied from day to day:
    But the men who edged their agonies and chid them in their pain,
    Are they too strong and wise to put away?

    Our dead shall not return to us while Day and Night divide -
    Never while the bars of sunset hold.
    But the idle-minded overlings who quibbled while they died,
    Shall they thrust for high employments as of old?

    Shall we only threaten and be angry for an hour?
    When the storm is ended shall we find
    How softly but how swiftly they have sidled back to power
    By the favour and contrivance of their kind?

    Even while they soothe us, while they promise large amends,
    Even while they make a show of fear,
    Do they call upon their debtors, and take counsel with their friends,
    To confirm and re-establish each career?

    Their lives cannot repay us - their death could not undo -
    The shame that they have laid upon our race.
    But the slothfulness that wasted and the arrogance that slew,
    Shall we leave it unabated in its place?

  2. What a busy week/weekend it has been, GV, if it's going to be this good every week, Idon't mind a long election campaign - loads more to be leaked, methinks. After Winky's treatment of Peter Watt and the armed forces, he shouldn't be surprised when he gets a good kicking!

    Actually, he only ever says that he lost his eye playing rugby - no elaboration, no explanation of what really happened. I bet he was so disliked by everyone that somebody went in deliberately hard meaning to hurt him. (though, obviously, not deliberately intending to take his eye out). ;-)

  3. Hi Spidey. There were some big headlines in the Sundays today and you're probably right about more to come out - Brown trampled on too many people on his way up. Saying he intends to cling on and, if Labour win, stay on for a full term because he has much more to do makes me have kittens - I can't imagine anything worse.

  4. Thanks, Bugger. Yes, I do visit Munguin's Republic just to see what you Scots are getting up to. As for Hoon, the article says that the info was leaked by sources at the RAF, not the MoD. Hoon toed the Party line when he should have resigned, but as you imply, integrity is a rare quality in this government. Nice Kipling poem.

  5. Here's a though FV

    You keep Barnett and we keep the oil.

    Fair is fair?

    and can we have the M25 and the Channel Tunnel back please, when we are at it?

  6. GV

    not FV, my sexual fantasies again

  7. In a friendly, all-inclusive, sporrans-welcomed sort of way I hope, James?

    Bugger - do you mean the oil that British companies have poured bns of investment into? You can have the Channel Tunnel providing you promise to blow it up but I'll have to think about the M25.

  8. ------and by the way Mrs, there is nothing worm behind my sporran, under y kilt.

    It is in fine working order, or so I have been told.

    No complaints yet.

  9. worn not worm, freudian slip there

    my kilt!

  10. Great round-up, as usual, GV.

  11. You seem to have a one-track mind for a Panda, Bugger - or two-track if you include Scotland. I thought it was a typo for 'warm'.

    Thanks Fausty, you should see what I left out:-) I'd be surprised if the threat to the BNP doesn't get more msm coverage - it's what they've been waiting for. Imagine if it wasn't sorted out before the GE and people couldn't vote for them - mayhem!


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