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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Round-Up

There seems to be quite a lot worth reading in the Sundays this morning, from Mandelson to Brown to Miliband and beyond, so it's been hard to pick just a few. My apologies for the length of what's supposed to be a quick round-up this morning.

Why?  Why has Hutton imposed a 70-yr secrecy ban on Dr David Kelly's records? This is absolutely appalling and the restrictions should be lifted.  It seems the government's favourite mantra, 'if you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear' doesn't apply to them, again.

Had enough yet?  I posted a heads-up on this some time ago:   Surveillance by military drones
And this: Do you want to vote? Blunkett admitted as much years ago.

The Conservatives are putting forward an amendment to the Constitutional Reform Bill to delay the final abolition of hereditary Peers in the House of Lords - too little, too late.  Why they supported this dog's dinner of a reform in the first place is beyond me.  Whatever the fault of the hereditaries they at least couldn't be bought and retained an independent mindset and challenge to bad government legislation - unlike the cabal of toadies now beholden to a corrupt government.  Kinnock?  Mandelson?  Ahmed?

Tebbit on the EU  "Our history has shaped our society to be different. We have suffered no invasion nor conquest since 1066 and no civil wars, revolutions nor military dictators since Cromwell’s time, and we have stopped one attempt after another to create a pan-European state. Philip of Spain, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin have all been frustrated by the people of these islands. In short, we have form as a destructive force against European political and military union."

Hungary Calling: Where the European Arrest Warrants falls down

Heaven forbid the Conservatives should have someone in Defence who actually knows anything about it - Cameron backtracks on Dannatt .  Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between Brown appointing Admiral Alan West as a PUS at the Home Office with responsibility for security and counter-terrorism, elevating him to the Lords as Baron West of Spithead, and the Cameron/Dannatt position?

More on the Conservatives: Cameron to keep Gus O'Donnell and Split over Conservative plan for prison ships, already. Even Alan Duncan is wading in.

Joseph Stiglitz puts the economy to rights. Time for the return of the Glass-Steagall Act?

And what will the Conservatives do about this situation? University students recruited by al-Shabaab.  One 'moderate' chap who works for the UK Somali Community Initiative said he 'treads a fine line between helping concerned families and identifying threats to the UK authorities'.  I don't understand why this should present such a moral dilemma to him - if he doesn't feel able to report threats by British nationals to British nationals in Britain, deport him as well.  Meanwhile, an Indian hijack plot is being blamed for the elevated terror alert in Britain.  Or it could be the upcoming summits on Yemen & Afghanistan due to be held in London this week!  Good old Gordon - when in doubt don't do anything, just call a summit or global conference.  In related news Al-Qaeda recruits women and there's been a scare at Manchester airport

'Devout man' spared jail by Cherie Blair.  I wonder if he's devoutly Christian?  Buddhist?  Sikh?  Nah... the religious man with the uncontrollable violent rages is a Muslim.

Nutjob released into British society rather than be deported because medication might not be available in Iraq: "The judgement, which was delivered in October but has only just been revealed, also states that deportation would breach the killer's right to a private and family life because he moved to the UK with his parents as a child."    Far too much is being hidden away - no doubt an indirect result of the Freedom of Information Act - the thinking seems to be that if the public don't ask they won't get.

It's going to be a busy week at the Chilcot Inquiry with Blair, Wood, Wilmhurst and Goldsmith due to give evidence.

Pull the other one: ‘Our gifts to President Obama have been well documented and were very well received.’

Oh-oh - Mandelson: "Look, I love my country. I love serving my country. That is regardless of the party or who is in Government."

We spoil you, Mr Ambassador

For sale: Millions of Ladbroke gamblers' personal details.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr Leahy: Tesco have designs on the film industry.

UPDATE: I missed this jaw-dropping report from the News of the World, but Quiet Man didn't: Leaders' Live Debate. It seems Cameron and Brown are trying to block questions from the audience, insisting there is no applause which might indicate approval following answers and are at odds over the political composition of the audience. Is it worth it? If this report is true then I think we've already got a fair measure of both men.


  1. Some scary stuff in there. As for Mincy Mandy, like many middle-aged men, the utter awfulness of socialist dogma pales as they get older and richer!

  2. Good morning OR - I've just added an update which is scarier still. I'm completely bewildered by the behaviour and attitudes of the vast majority of these politicians.

  3. When it was initially decided Dr Kelly's case would be re-examined, Blair was exceptionally quick off the mark to state he'd have gone to war regardless of what was known (no connection at all, obviously).

    My mind was well and truly made up when I read Norman Baker's investigation in the Mail (!) a couple of years back.

    It's been quite a week, GV.

  4. It's very busy at the moment CS - what a time to be away! Baker might be a bit of a self-publicist but he always seems to get it right. It's Blair on the 29th at Chilcot - I'm ticked off beyond words that I'll be missing it.


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