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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What's Going On?

There are reports of 'Economic Terrorism' and the Underpants Bomber being a false flag op:
1)  30th December: Far-reaching developments have been reported to us from Paris, London and Dallas, which will be incorporated into the next report, after the prevailing situation has 'crystallised'. It was reported to us that some 12-14 banking employees were arrested in the City of London yesterday. The Editor sought guidance as to whether the hanging of a British-Asian jailed in China in 2007 for importing cocaine into the country had any implications in the ongoing context of the joint Lien Holders' activities, backed by INTERPOL and the international community, and has been informed by intelligence sources that our initial impression of a split is unfounded.
2)  28th December: A trusted source informs us that Kurt Haskell, a lawyer from Michigan, is the source of the following UNCONFIRMED information: The Nigerian involved in the suspected false-flag attempt on the aircraft flying from Schiphol, Amsterdam, to Detroit, was accompanied by a well-dressed Western male who accosted security staff at the Dutch airport and ordered them to allow the Nigerian to pass through security without a passport check and a proper security search. The security staff stated that they would have to consult superiors, which they did. The Nigerian was then allowed through controls without any impediment. Looks like a US Homeland Security set-up.
Fausty has it in full.  Original links & eyewitness account here and here
Geithner & Paulson arrested 
American Thinker says Obama has politicised the US terror database.
Paulson in the crosshairs
Paulson 'read his rights' 

Some of the links do look rather dubious so can any Americans out there let us know if Timothy Geithner is still walking around?

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