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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do Me A Favour!

It's a terrible thing to be so disillusioned and cynical about politics that Brown's tv tears cut no ice.  The death of their baby was a terrible and cruel blow for the Browns but he's done himself no good by speaking about it in public and running the risk of being accused of blatant electioneering.  Since he was coronated in 2007 we've heard nothing from aides and spAds except 'if only you knew him as we know him', 'if only he could project the softer side of himself', 'he really is a good man'... ...  but the electorate already has the measure of Brown's fitness to be PM.  Being a 'good father' or a 'good man' doesn't automatically qualify one for being fit to govern a nation; if it did I can think of many decent, honourable law-abiding mums and dads who could submit their cv but, unfortunately, like Brown they'd be sh!t at running a country.

Another Cockwaffler Extraordinaire who deserves to be pilloried for going for the sympathy vote in the midst of the Chilcot Inquiry is Alastair Campbell:
Alastair Campbell broke down and seemed close to tears on live television today as he was quizzed about his role in the Iraq war.
Link to video

Spare us please!  Both of them are, as they say in parts of Yorkshire, "Like 'orse muck, allus int'road."  I bet there'll be more tears before bedtime so have the sick bucket handy.

PS: I forgot to say what it was that had me dusting off the sick bucket this morning:
Cherie Blair for Baroness?


  1. I've been there myself, having buried three babies.

    If anyone should empathise it should be me.

    I don't believe the man is capable of real emotion. He is a psychopath and a liar.

    This is a despicable trick to woo voters. No more, and no less.


  2. CR - my heart goes out to you, I can't even begin to imagine the pain of such a loss.

    As for Mr & Mrs Brown, I'm sceptical of anything they do now. To prop or not to prop, that is the question - Brown has obviously decided on the former. In such a situation I'd rather have my wife & kids on a Christmas card than wept over in a tv interview three months before a GE. I don't know who his advisors are but he's laid himself wide open.

    Campbell just needs putting down.

  3. Let's not be too shocked about this. We have believed for some time that this man, Brown, in particular, but not exclusively, will play any card, no matter how hypocritical, phoney, or exploitative it is. CR thinks he is a psychopath: I cannot see a shred of evidence against that assertion.

  4. Edgar, the only thing I'm shocked about is that *I* can be so hard-hearted and cynical. It's actually a terrible realisation after so many years of preaching love and peace. There comes a point when some people should be culled and let's have done with it.

    The Labour Party, Fabians, CP and the LSE should all be raized to the ground and their ashes buried at sea. I can dance a a terrific Hornpipe.


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