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Friday, 12 February 2010

The End Of The Piers Show

Videos of 'highlights' of the Piers/Gordon Show on Sunday ITV1 are beginning to make an appearance and edited transcripts are in the press. It's all rather distasteful.

Another video clip plus transcript is here - Sarah & Gordon: A Modern Love Story

Had enough yet?

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  1. One programme that will not be watched by me!

  2. I'm steeling myself to watch it Mr W - only so I can comment with authority that it was pap!

  3. People will already have been physically sick the length and breadth of the Country, GV, just from watching this "trailer", which will, with any luck, prove to have been a huge miscalculation and put an enormous damper on the viewing figures.

  4. I have to admit, Spidey, that among the people I know none of them will be setting aside Sunday evening to watch the insufferable Piers have a cosy chat with the faux-amiable Brown. Well, not unless they've got a bottle of Scotch & a sick-bucket beside them and have removed all throwable objects!


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