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Friday, 5 February 2010

Three MPs, One Peer Charged

The DPP, Keir Starmer, has indicated that three MPs and one Peer will be prosecuted:

2 charges under Sec 17 Theft Act 1968 False Accounting - Elliot Morley MP, Scunthorpe, Labour
3 charges under Sec 17 TA 1968 False Accounting - David Chaytor MP, Bury North, Labour
2 charges under Sec 17 TA 1968 False Accounting - Jim Devine MP, Livingston, Labour
6 charges under Sec 17 TA 1968 False Accounting - Lord Hanningfield, Leader of Essex County Council, Conservative
Insufficient evidence to prosecute Lord Clarke of Hampstead [Paul White], Labour
6th (probably Baroness Uddin, Labour)  still under investigation.

The defence claim of parliamentary privilege under the 1689 Bill of Rights will be tested in Court. Starmer asked for no further reporting on the four cases which could be prejudicial to the forthcoming trials.  The maximum jail term if convicted of False Accounting under the Theft Act is seven years.

How it's being reported in the Guardian  and the Daily Mail


  1. Finally some good news.

  2. Yes VotR, it's better than nothing but still a long way to go - only four out of 389. I just hope that each voter will look hard at candidates in the GE and not vote for anyone implicated in all this. It's time to kick out all the rotten rubbish and start again with a clean slate.


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