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Saturday, 20 February 2010

'A Future Fair For All'

First of all what's with the sentence structure of politicians these days?  'Change we want'; 'A future fair for all'?  Ah, I see it's been lifted from John Prescott - that explains it.  Well, thanks but no thanks Gordon; the country's already spent too long at the fair and I, for one, want to get off your spinning merry-go-round.

Another Labour election slogan, Operation Fightback, has already been used by the BNP -  shades of 'British jobs for British workers'.

There's speculation that Brown will announce the election date when he gives his mea culpa in Coventry later today.  He will attack the Conservatives in his speech, particularly deriding their economic policies:  “When you peel away the veneer and actually look at what their policies mean, what you see is it’s not the new economics of the future, it’s the same old Conservative economics of the past."     I think the period of same old Labour economics we've just been through justifies a return to 'the same old Conservative economics'; they always have to dig the country out of a hole of Labour's making.  If the Cons are returned as a government I think we should all remember that any unpopular measures will be a direct result of Labour policies over the past thirteen years.

UPDATE:  The DT runs a similar article but with a bit more info.
At a pre-election rally in the West Midlands, Mr Brown will warn his party to frame the election not as a chance to pass judgement on the Labour Government...
The leaflet explicitly warns Labour activists against asking for support on the basis of Labour’s record in office.  “Labour needs to ensure that the next election is not seen as a referendum on the government,” it says.
 Have they totally lost it?  What else is a General Election about if not the chance for voters to give the thumbs up or down to an incumbent incompetent government?

I assume that when they talk about 'Labour's record in office' they mean little things like this:

Deficit as a % of GDP
Iceland 15.7
Greece 12.7
Britain 12.6
Ireland 12.2
United States 11.2
Spain 9.6
France 8.2
Japan 7.4
Portugal 6.7
Canada 4.8
Australia 4
Germany 3.2
* Figures from OCED forecast in November 2009.


  1. There is only one Future Fair For All and it wont be found under the Labour Party..or the Conservatives, or the Democrats or Republicans or any current political system.

    Jacque Fresco's lifetime work on the Venus Project is the only system that would guarantee fairness. The Zeitgeist Addendum movie explains the problems and the solution but people need to wake up and realise what is going on.

    "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" - John Lennon.

  2. I doubt if banging on about the proportion of GDP... will do it for Dave; he just needs to let the scroungers know that there is no more money for them, its all gone, desperate Gordon has spent it all.


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