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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is Sentencing Haywire?

Pictured above is Ian Stafford, 59, a church-goer and once a highly respected member of the community and Mayor of Preesall in Lancashire before his 'bluntly revolting' behaviour was uncovered Preston Crown Court heard.

Mr Stafford is a part-time handyman and gardener and had been employed for years by some of his victims who trusted him with keys to their homes.

You may be wondering what Mr Stafford did to be jailed for two years. Well, he has a knicker fetish, so he used to rifle their underwear drawers and masturbate before replacing the knickers, sometimes taking a pair or two with him. One of his 'victims' suspected something was going on and installed a hidden camera in her bedroom. That was Mr Stafford's downfall.

He has now resigned as mayor of Preesall.

Now we have the story of a south Harrow teenager who stabbed a motorist with a screwdriver and walked free from court last year with only a suspended sentence. Wais Nazari, 19, attacked Mehdi Kyrostami by slashing him across the stomach and stabbing him in the back with a screwdriver before fleeing the scene.

Did Mr Stafford cause any injury to anyone? I agree he abused the trust put in him by these women but his behaviour did not threaten their lives although they may have thought their personal privacy had been invaded.

Far too often we hear of people walking free from court having been accused of serious crimes such as manslaughter, yet a man who gets his kicks from sniffing women's knickers is jailed for two years. Doesn't make sense to me.

Thanks to Dark Lochnagar as he brought the fetish story to my attention.


  1. Couldn't agree more.

    Pervy man hurt no-one.

    Stabby man did.

    Swap the sentences around, and we will be close to a fair result.


  2. "Wais Nazari, 19, attacked Mehdi Kyrostami by slashing him across the stomach and stabbing him in the back with a screwdriver before fleeing the scene."

    I think I'm with you, SR, I'd rather not have knicker-sniffers but if it's a toss-up between home-grown perverts and foreign murderers I know what I'd like to do.

  3. A "toss-up"!


    wv = twarp. Which describes the unfortunate looking Pervy Man, I think.

  4. He's got some handicaps. he's white, he looks a pervert and his name sounds English. Lucky not to made a Labour PPC.

  5. Utter madness prevails... Found this story about a chap jailed for 2 years for stealinbg a traffic wardens camera!


  6. I haven't yet posted this at my own place and have an addition.

    'Mr Stafford should have been given a small fine. He's a man who satisfies his sexual urges in a different way to what is accepted in society today; a harmless soul who has completely lost his standing in his own community. If I knew the prison address I would persuade a few of my own pals to donate a few pairs of knickers and would send them to him with our best wishes.

    There wouldn't be a return address on the parcel though!'

    I really mean that. There are many people who get their kicks from what are called 'unacceptable' behaviour but they never cause anyone harm.

    Who are we to judge that it's wrong? As OR says he possibly has some handicaps but how many of us do not?

    His are just different to mine.

  7. GV/SR

    Ian Stafford had been stalked by a hashassin and was blackened to deposit in selected drawers on pain of death.

    If his fundamental fundaments fun was not revealed then he’d be getting it in the neck.


    The traitor bought it.

    If Ian’s head hadn’t been on the block he’d have lost it. Magnificently magnified though it is.

    Good lad; took one for the ‘gipper.

    Meanwhile our Stone Age heroes can get on worshipping the burning bush at any slaving centre near hand.


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