"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I've Been Thinking...

...and believe me that's not always a good sign.  I've been thinking about the prospect of a hung Parliament for weeks and it filled me with dismay.  Hung Parliaments; weak coalitions belong to continental ways of voting, not ours.  Italy is the prime example and is always cited - it's a basket case with about fifty governments in forty years.  Fhs, it's bad enough with one every four or five years and I doubt the UK could cope with a change every eight/ten months - no wonder the Italians are so wonderfully expressive.  Even Angela Merkel was ham-strung in Germany's Parliament until she gained a clear majority at the last vote.  No, hung Parliaments are not for the UK.

Wait a minute though... the way they achieve their hung parliaments is through their voting system rather than the fptp votes of the electorate.  A hung parliament delivered by the fptp system would send a direct threat to government to toe the line.  A hung parliament delivered by pr/av/sv would send no such message - only rioting would do the job.  Explains a lot.

I've always been a Conservative (apart from that slip-up at the by-election when I was eighteen - and which I hid from the FO :-) despite the fact that my dad was Labour and my mum SDP (I think she took quite a shine to David Owen though why Roy Jenkins wasn't enough to put her off, I'll never know).  In the great scheme of things it just seemed normal that the more you put in to life the more you get out; so long as care is taken of the vulnerable in society, what's the problem?  We pay taxes to the NHS to give free (at the point of delivery) medical care - that includes mental health care - Maggie's Care in the Community was a Grade A1 disaster from the word go.  The crushing of the Unions went too far; the privatisation of national utilities went too far; the concomitant closure of manufacturing went too far.

The Labour Part of the past thirteen years is also the problem, arguably the greater one.   Look at the state we're in now - it's bloody disgusting and even the Chinese people would have a problem with all the authoritarian trappings now on our streets - for what it's worth I don't think the Chinese government is ordering spy drones to patrol the airways but once they've seen how successful they are in Britain in bringing motorists to justice, I think they'll be beating a path to our next UK Arms Fair.

Anyway, the point is that after all these years of Conservative voting, I'm still questioning Cameron and undecided about where to place my vote.  I've had enough of the media hype telling me that a vote for anything other than one of the three main parties is 'a wasted vote' - no vote is ever wasted - the only one that is truly wasted is the one that sits on its backside and doesn't get to the polling booth.  One article today suggested that there were only two Parties to vote for - no there isn't.

Call me 'Disgruntled' or 'Cynical' but everything seems like a sop.  The media is really getting into gear now with the Times and Telegraph both devoting pages to the GE, electoral reform and voting patterns.

I like a Party that appeals to my head and heart - I don't ask much, only to agree with the majority of policies - it isn't feasible to agree with all.  At the moment my head is still telling me to stay away from the Lib/Lab/Con so Cameron had better come up with a solid manifesto otherwise, depending who's standing in Barnet, it's the BNP/Libertarians/UKIP/English Democrats/an Independent for me.

This post has already gone on long enough so I'll post the links later.

UPDATE: Here are the links:

About those polls and 'broken Britain' The Times and The Telegraph
On the proposed electoral change: The Times
Rachel Sylvester has a point: The Times
Even the Queen is being 'being primed' for a hung Parliament.
On voter retribution: The Times

If you're on Facebook, check out the site.

The msm still don't seem to have the measure of it; it's time they played catch-up with online comment and blogs.


  1. GV as I've banged on about at my shop they need the hiatus to cement the IUD timebomb. To misquote "It's the demographics stupid". Don't expect her Maj to be coming to our rescue either, it suites and always has. I love the sheen of helplessness and impotence.

  2. I would agree when there is real choice but in my neck of the woods we have the LIBLABCON and a friggin green standing and that's the lot!
    So sitting on one's arse would seem to be the best policy on this occasion.

  3. I'm going for UKIP now GV. As for longer posts - I only wish I had the wordsmith abilities to master such an art. All mine are short and ranty :-)

  4. I love your blog, and I am honored to add it to my friend's blog list.

    I also follow your blog and very much happy to follow your blog.

    Will you add my blog in your great blog.


  5. Incoming - an IUD means something different where I come from!
    Watching - it looks like you're stuffed then - how about a spoilt ballot paper?
    I'll know better once I've checked the credentials of the UKIP candidate CS. You can't beat a long ranty ramble sometimes. The trouble is knowing when to stop!
    Vijay - your blog is the perfect place to send Gordon Brown ;-)

  6. GV it is precisely your meaning I use. Demographic failure of the natives pre and post 1997 versus the fucundity of the immigrants means crisis from 2010-2020 as they take over.


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