"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Monday, 22 February 2010

Learned helplessness

Learned helplessness is what socialism is all about. Think about what defines quality of life for most ordinary people and then think about how simple it is to destroy that.

For me, and for many others I've spoken to, a good quality of life means comfort (as in warmth, relative aesthetical pleasure and a decent place to sit, nothing majorly flash) at home, an interesting job for a few hours a day, four or five days a week. It means a bit of competition, close ties with family, and good friends I can have a conversation/laugh/rant [delete as applicable] with of an evening or at the end of the week. It means pride in doing one's work well. The chance to raise a family if you wish and live peacefully off your own steam and without interference. It means being able to keep your home safe whilst being allowed to face a bit of risk academically, or by choice by way of various outdoor adventures and pursuits.

How many people actually have all those basic entitlements? Not many, I'd suggest. And if there are, they don't live in Britain.

In order to create a helpless, slavish, dependent state for the benefit of your ambitions and those of the Bilderberg types, you need what starts off as a very simple plan.

First; divide. Create divisions in every corner and pocket of society and increase the width of those divisions as time wears on, using measures such as "equality" legislation, which actually means supremacy legislation. They don't have to be racial or cultural differences. It can be simply a matter of smoke and alcohol consumption that divides people. Promote supremacy of some groups over others. Declare victims and oppressors and make it tribal to maximise seige mentality, and do it visually (all white people are racist, all smokers are killing your children, even though we're not). Posters and the TV are key. Start fights and breed fear and loathing of fellow humans in order to impose what follows.

Eliminate choice of employment; No mining here anymore. Little manufacturing. It costs the price of a small cottage to become an airline pilot and thanks to Ed Balls, today's school leavers aren't going to become scientists, or even shelf stackers, despite being promised they'd be managing directors by the age of 21. So that leaves you with very little choice, and a lot of resentment and possibly despair when you find out the hard way. You either work at the checkout slaving away for a mega corporation, or you work in a sweaty office for 12 hours a day, again slaving away for a mega corporation. Choice limited, stress high, pay low.

Destroy the family and friend structure; This one isn't too hard. In fact, in destroying competition (see below), you destroy local businesses too, meaning people in small towns and villages have to move to towns and cities where, in theory, nobody knows anyone else. Attack parents. Make them evil. It's them killing off the fluffy polar bears with their dirty cars (and it's only right to tax them to the hilt) and their fag smoke is killing the chiiilldren. Butt in, offer up free and confidential contraception and "sex talks" to school pupils without any knowledge passed onto the parents. Render parents pointless and make traditional powers of discipline arrestable offences.

Destroy competition; This one is really playing to the emotions. It's bad to have sports days because some children might lose a race (but they might be good at Maths, except that's bred out of them too). Nobody must ever win out over the others because if you do it Our Way, everyone's a winner. Small businesses must be crushed by heavy taxation and red tape to a point where their owners never have time to run the places. Business taxes are high and paperwork endless. It's not meant to be doable, don't worry.

Socialising; After a long week of being exactly the same as everyone else, doing exactly the same as everybody else, and not talking to anybody else (like everybody else), there's to be no socialising. Destroy the pubs. Attack anything people find enjoyable in a social situation, such as drinking, smoking, or eating. Ban smoking indoors, then ban drinking outdoors, and make eating such a totally boring, methodical, harassment filled process that's it's merely something you do to pass the time whilst bored rigid at your work computer. Then go home and watch the propaganda box when you're knackered and won't (in theory) be in a good frame of mind to question it.

Prevent defence of one's own home and body; Arrest and imprison anyone who attacks a intruder. Don't imprison those (often violent) intruders so they come back cocky and armed. Breed fear. That and the pubs closing is what keeps people at home and sat in front of the Labour Box behind bolted doors, with no interest in the outside world at all because they now either fear it or despise it. Either way, the want no part of it. Not even for a stroll in the park with the dog. Although dogs are due to be legislated against too. They don't know their neighbours so they won't bother going nextdoor for a few beers or to watch the Champions League.

The end result? Well, we all know that. No competition, no camaraderie, no interest, no socialising, no defence, no pride, no family and no children that are your own. The proles will look to the State for validation, and for safety. Some will part with anything they've got just for a peaceful night's sleep. Others will demand more laws, tougher laws, and will likewise be prepared to part with even more money and liberties if they think there's a chance they'll get them. Then those laws will be used against law abiding proles, and the process continues, the anger builds, to a point where contingency controls become "justified". You afford yet more supremacy to other groups in order to keep them cocky, whilst doublethinking them into believing they are victims in order to keep them radicalised. Watch the show. Welcome to the Society Factory.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is to prove that you DO need to understand people to be a politician. Or at least have advisors that do. There are books available to help, although sadly for them, it seems those of us who can read, do. I never ever assume that what has happened to this country, and is happening to others, is down to stupidity. But it isn't that clever anymore either. And some of us can help lots of us to see through it all.

We've had some of the worst politicians, and worst human beings, this country has ever produced, running the show for the last 13 years, and possibly before. But they do hate it when you figure them out, so keep on doing it guys.

I've had a bad day at work and more than a glass of red, but less than a tanker of Guinness. So forgive any typos or factual errors. I mean I don't think I'm wrong, but you might ;-)


  1. Sounds like the Frankfurt School of Marxism to me.

  2. Indeed it is. A state of helplessness and hopelessness. It's all totally recycled. But then politics is in itself cyclical, but only because most of us allow it to be. However, this cycle, we (for now) have the internet which is a new beast they didn't reckon on. So I've not lost faith just yet...

  3. Until they regulate the shit out of it. Somehow though I reckon that wont do squat.

  4. Great summary.
    Might have added a bit about the scare tactics and how our beloved govt will save us from International Terrorism and Swine Flu and Climate change and the Financial Crisis &etc...

  5. Many thanks Banned, and good point. I was also a bit light on the destruction of national identity.

    13th Spitfire: They will. I don't envisage myself passing the internet driving test somehow.

  6. Excellent post CS. Divide and rule right enough.

    As for the worst politicians - did you watch Newsnight tonight? Both Ainsworth and Liam Fox were less than pathetic. That's the level of government we have today.

  7. Glad it met with your approval subrosa ;-)

    I don't have a TV these days, but I do often catch up with these shows online once I've had what I'll describe as a "soothing" amount of red wine. I'll pick some up on the way home tomorrow ;-)

    Conspiracy to Corrupt seems to be the only text they know. For a long time, politicians had exactly the effect on me they wanted (inducing total disinterest and disconnection, while they did their stuff). Now I'm back and wish I wasn't. We'll get the buggers one day.


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