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Friday, 19 February 2010

More F-F-F-Fabian Tactics

But, this time, they're from the Conservatives:

The row about Cameron's imposed, pre-vetted shortlists is deepening with the release of a 2002 Michael Gove-penned, document entitled: 'Action Plan for Candidate Selection in Safe Seats'.
'Like a conjuror, we'll get more applause if the audience cannot see exactly how the trick is performed...
'There are several reasons why the Party should not publicly proclaim the new methodology.

'The more that the profusion of women, black, Asian or gay candidates appears to be the result of spontaneous open-mindedness on the part of grassroot activists the greater will be the accolades.

'Most Tories loathe political correctness and positive discrimination. If one tries to be 'in your face' about the fact that positive discrimination is taking place activists are much more likely to rebel; a version of 'don't ask, don't tell', is called for.

Mr Cameron is unrepentant and his decision to seize power from local associations, say his friends, is the culmination of the secret plan on how to neuter the party faithful in the country.

Some friends Cameron has there!  I can't believe this man, on whom the voters of the country relied to be strong, decisive and lead the way out of the mire, has been so stupid.

Whoever you like, as long as it's a woman
Cameron scores another bullseye

If Cameron becomes PM after the GE he also intends to make it as hard for the Party to remove him from office as it is for the Labour Party to remove Gordon Brown. FFS - GET A GRIP CAMERON.
(Click to enlarge)

I think this is being reflected in the opinion polls at the moment which seem more volatile than usual - yesterday an Angus Reid poll gave the Cons a 14% lead but the one below, from the Sun, has it cut to just 7%:


  1. GV,

    Great Minds..............

    Have linked to yours in mine.

  2. Does he think we don't notice?

    If Cameron entrenches himself, the party will very likely haemorrhage votes to other parties. Possibly candidates, too.

  3. For me, the problem is that I really wanted Cameron to do well and speak for all Conservative voters but instead he's just left some of us floating between UKIP and BNP. Such a betrayal.


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