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Friday, 19 February 2010

Purnell: The Real Heir To Blair?

James Purnell, whose resignation this morning apparently 'stunned' the Labour Party, has written a short article and posted a video for The Times - here.

I can't help but feel he's rallying Blairites to the cause - there's little doubt that, presentationally, he has all the right skills to be the leader of a new political faction. One thing PR does is vastly increase the number of Parties putting themselves up for election; I've always wondered about those countries that have more choice than our Lib/Lab/Con but the downside is the weak & unstable coalition governments which are necessarily formed as a result.

Imagine a Labour Party (Balls); a Blairite Labour Party (Purnell); a Blairite Conservative Party (Cameron); a Conservative Party (Osborne) with policies that accommodated UKIP and BNP voters. The only consolation would be that the LibDems would probably defect en masse to Purnell leaving Clegg with only the comfort of his EU pension.

Imagine a people who weren't reliant on the msm for their news and opinion; whose political thoughts weren't coloured by intentional & covert pillorying of politicians in their programming (Spitting Image is one thing but Doctor Who, quite another).

Imagine a people, educated and informed. One of the planks of Labour's social engineering has been in the guise of helping people make an 'informed choice', ie 'empowering' them with the information they need in order to reach their own conclusions. Absolute f/ing codswallop. Labour's choice is no choice at all, to coin a phrase.

The only problem I can see is that the accommodation of UKIP and BNP voters is a long way off even in my scenario. Politics and the media always need whipping-boys and ducking stools. At what point did, "You caught me red-handed, it's a fair cop, Guv" become, "It wisnae me, a big boy did it and ran away"?  Spin, spin, spin. I hope that the British electorate, and the English in particular, will no longer be conned by political jostling for 'power'.  The word is 'Office'; you're elected to represent and serve us; we're not your whipping boys.

Here's a pic of a ducking stool extant in Dorset - I vote that the next session of Cabinet meetings is held in Christchurch.  Ayes to the right?


  1. In't Blairism dead? The "Third Way" was never about a path between Labour and the Conservatives. It was always about the NWO. Kissinger used the term, as have other globalists. Perhaps they financed and engineered Old Labour in order to keep the two-party mirage going for a bit longer.

    The ducking stool is very apt!

  2. The Third Way was always the way. 'Blairism' is just a new euphemism for a decades-old agenda.

  3. I'd love to see Brown get a good unhealthy dose of that ducking stool, GV, and watch his glass eye pop out!

  4. Not just Brown, Spidey, but all of the Cabinet, lined up one after one. I'll dig the pond myself :-)


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