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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Weak Government Invites Foreign Aggression

What's that you say Pingu? Argentina has blockaded the Falkland Islands? Well there's a surprise, not.
Today’s decree amounts to an Argentinian move to control all traffic from South America towards the islands, including an oil rig due to arrive today and start drilling next year.

“Any boat that wants to travel between ports on the Argentine mainland to the Islas Malvinas, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands . . . must first ask for permission from the Argentine government,” Aníbal Fernández, the Argentinian Cabinet chief said.
They began to make noises last year and I blogged about it in March when President Kirchner said Argentina's sovereignty of the Islands was "non-negotiable". Argentina has never had sovereignty over the Falklands but it's in a mess, so any distraction will do. What will Brown do now? It's evident that Miliband's Foreign Office hasn't got a clue; if he were capable of strong diplomatic negotiation it wouldn't have gone this far.

I like the attitude of the islanders:
The islanders have tried to shrug off the prospect of a new conflict. “There has been an economic blockade of the Falklands from Argentina for many years now,” said Roger Spink, the director of the Falkland Islands Company. “It’s something we’ve come to expect. ”

Britain has more than 1,000 military personnel on land and more than 300 at sea in the region, as well as four Typhoon jets, a destroyer and a patrol boat in the region.
The Argentinians would be nuts to try anything - even with our weak, appeasing government.


  1. If it we're me as PM I'd mine all the argy ports.

    Perhaps that's a good thing! :)

  2. I had a terrible thought though ACO - what if this developed into Brown's 'Maggie Moment'? You know damn well he'd welcome another war if he thought it would secure a 4th term!

    Btw - I thought I spotted you earlier on the wanted poster of Mossad agents :-)

  3. Hopefully they won't make the same mistakes as Maggie. Running the islands defences down to 24 marines and an old rustbucket of a boat that was past it's lifespan. Ignored all the pleadings from the governor at the time on the Falklands.( warned of scrap metal merchants on South Georgia - Argie spys)
    At least Carrington fell on his sword. I doubt if the boyMilliband would ever contemplate resigning.

  4. Well I expect that the the Argentines have noticed that we don't have much of a Navy these days, the RAF depends on knackered old fighters and the Army is somewhat distracted by Blairs illegel and irrelevant wars.
    Our only option remains, nuke the bastards.

  5. I posted on this a few weeks ago and Crazy Daisy was down there and reported that we have thousands of hardened troops fresh from Iraq who should be more than a match for conscripts. get it here http://darklochnagar.blogspot.com/2010/02/argentina-to-have-another-go-over.html

  6. Hi guys - the discovery of oil does wonderful things for an island's defence, doesn't it? There isn't a rust-bucket in sight and the DT says c.1,300 'military personnel' are already stationed there so we do have the basics in place to repel low-level threats from the Argys. The only questions arise if they push it to 1982 levels of aggression given the weakness of Miliband et al.

  7. We should give them 24hrs to deceases their provocation, if they do not, we'll nuke em. And I do mean all of Argentina.

    Yes I'm heartless but if I have to choose between one British Marine dying or a million Argentines, well, tough luck Argentina.

    Biggest problem we've got is Obama in the White House and no Pinochet.

    Biggest fear though as you say, Brown's 'Maggies' moment. God help us!

  8. Not sure about 'nuking' Argentina, TLA - it seems a bit ott! I wouldn't be surprised if Labour's Britain negotiated away some of the oil revenue or did some sort of oil-sharing deal in an act of appeasement. I don't think that would be popular with the public at large though. The UN route will take ages so perhaps the Conservatives will be in office when it comes to a head? Hope so.


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