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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wind turbines in the sea, and other greenie rubbish

New offshore turbines, with blades the size of the London Eye, need to be built and launched from modern docks, so we need to upgrade our shipyards to take advantage of this massive opportunity.

Says Nick Clegg in the compliant Graun in reference to wind turbines being built next to, and for deployment in, the bloody sea!

Am I missing a large trunked animal here? Nah, I don't reckon so. Lots of "Green Chip dinners" can be found here. And Green Chip don't do investments in wave power.


  1. Way to decimate the seagull population!

  2. I'm off down to Polegate shortly, so I shan't complain about that ;-) I WOULD like to know why something as constant as the tide has been ignored by the Friends of the Government in terms of sound alternative energy. If they were serious, they'd be in it. But they're not, so it's merely tax. Stuff 'em. I've got a thick jumper. I'll chance it :-)


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