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Monday, 22 March 2010


The EU has provided a map of sorts that shows the extent of its current military and civilian operations.  As well as the military forays by EUNavFor into the waters of Somalia, it also shows ongoing mil.ops in Guinea-Bisseau, RD Congo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It's the range of  titles, abbreviations and initials that bemuse me: Eupol, eufor, eujust, eupat, euss, eubam, eumm, eulex - it's never-ending.  How can anyone can be expected to untangle this web of organisations or know who has responsibility and is accountable?

Blair Babe Baroness Ashton, as head of the European Defence Agency as well as our Glorious High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is due to have a busy week as she unveils her strategy for dealing with global developments.  We can look forward to an indepth analysis fully reported by British tv news and press.

They're worse than spoiled toddlers with a new toy as they scramble to position themselves in the growing hierarchy:
Diplomats said there was "such excitement" about deciding where the EEAS should be discussed, with some countries "obsessed" with the GAC format and others preferring the FAC alternative. In the end, it was decided that both formats would be merged for the occasion. As a rule, the High Representative chairs FAC meetings.
link to ops map

It also raises the question: why are the Conservatives ring-fencing the overseas aid budget with an element earmarked for post- conflict resolution  ie repairing infrastructure and restoring local governance, when our shiny new government in Brussels already has it in hand?


  1. I think it says a lot about the EU when they have to big up their ego by making an actual map of where they have any form of presence at all.

    No one gives a shit about the EU, anywhere in the world and that is really scaring them.

  2. It's when we read stuff like this that we realise how woefully inadequate our news services are here in Britain. No, most of us don't care about the EU but we're part of it whether we like it or not, and we should know what's going on.

    As for all the acronyms and "such excitement" - sounds like Enid Blyton's kiddies planning days out, talking in code so 'no-mates over there' doesn't guess what's going on.

  3. Well, they're so important 13th - the world can't possibly continue turning without their guidance. They're such a bureaucratic mess that they're ham-strung by inefficiencies.

    Hi Mrs R - yes, very Famous Five :-) I agree with you about our news, it is abysmal. The BBC had a flurry of announcements earlier in the year but they seem to have tailed off now and I suspect only EU anoraks are trying to keep tabs on it all. Mustn't frighten the proles!

  4. European Imperialism again? Blimey, what they could not conquer by the bullet, they conquer by the pen.

    F-ing marvellous.


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