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Friday, 26 March 2010

The Flaws Of Perception

Q. When is European Economic Government not EEG?
A. When it's European Economic Governance. Apparently.

In order not to offend "British sensibilities" the word 'government' will be replaced by 'governance'. We're back in the EU's wonderful world of semantics in order not to frighten the horses.
"Greece has been labouring under a 300-billion-euro debt black hole with the highest annual deficit in the EU last year, alongside Britain.  A credit-rating downgrade for Portugal - plus ongoing concerns particularly over Ireland and Spain's swollen public deficits - had further increased the urgency to act."
Another change agreed upon yesterday is to drop Merkel's suggestion of the insertion of new clauses in existing treaties to cater for the eurozone/IMF Greek bailout and any future financial turbulence.  Any changes would effectively create a new treaty and that would have triggered the Conservatives' pledge to the British people to hold a referendum.  Unsurprisingly, the intention to insert new provisions and so trigger a referendum was "vehemently opposed by the British".

From Cameron's speech, November 2009:
"In this area – Britain’s relationship with Europe – what people want from their politicians is some straight talk and plain speaking.

"They were told we were joining a Common Market and it turned out to be a European Union.

"They were told they would have a say over the European constitution but that promise was broken.

"People are fed up with the endless lies and spin, they just want to know what we can achieve and how..."
UPDATE: Merkel still pushing for Treaty change: “I think we will not be able to bypass possible treaty changes, I think we need them.” Knowing that it will trigger a referendum in Britain, dare they risk it?


  1. It's a damned shame that the Conservatives' pledge is worth nothing.

    Cameron is like Obama - window dressing!

  2. Hi Fausty - it's probably why Ken went to Brussels a few weeks ago - just to tell them, "Don't worry, it's just rhetoric for the benefit of the British people; we don't really mean it."

    Promises, pledges, manifestos are just circumvented by tptb - they've got round Cameron's referendum lock easily enough just by changing the law to suit themselves.

    As for Obama - we weren't the only ones willing the Americans not to vote for him but the msm always takes the govt line. Obama has always looked to me like a cgi figure - moreso than Blair or Cameron.


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