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Monday, 22 March 2010

Insulting Our Intelligence


I know it's just a small niggle in the greater scheme of the mess facing Britain at the moment but I'm heartily hacked off at all these 'celebrity' advisers the government insists on hiring (taxpayer-funded, of course).

The latest to be recruited is that well-known fount of wisdom, Ruby Wax, she of the towering intellect.  She's been providing senior civil servants with workshops in leadership and communication, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship management and audience management.
"Her workshops include clips of interviews with Madonna and practical exercises to highlight the difference between talking at someone rather than with someone. Participants learn to be more aware of their colleagues, clients and partners and how to present a more human face using humour, empathy and honesty."
If these senior civil servants aren't up to doing their jobs without resorting to all this touchy-feely garbage perhaps their time would be better spent polishing up their CVs.  Mind you, in this day and age the more workshops you've attended the better your CV looks.

Many of the poor dears are also stressed out because they're bored at work  so we're paying for stress-relieving advice for them too.  "Breathe in and out heavily a few times and imagine yourself being successful,” it advises workers.  It absolutely beggars belief and they all need a good sound kicking up the derriere at the GE.

Sorry, it's a bit early in the morning for me (mmm, coffee!) but you know what I'm getting at: we elect MPs to represent us, they find it impossible to make decisions so they outsource to committees and quangos and take on celebrity advisers (Sugar, Winston, Vorderman, Hartley-Brewer et al).  Whether it's because they're afraid to take responsibility for their own decisions or they're just incompetent I wouldn't like to say.

There are just too many intervening layers of costly bureaucracy involved in the deliberation and decision-making process.  At a time when state spending has risen to 52% of GDP for the first time, ever, I would have thought these self-indulgent facilitation exercises would be first in line for the chop.

And all that's even before I get started on local authorities, their quangos and advisors, the Regional Development Agencies, and the EU.  Happy days!

Btw questions will be asked in the House later about Cash for Influence that blew up over the weekend.  No time has yet been given but it could fall under Urgent Questions at 3.30pm.  Here's a link to Live Parliament if you're interested.


  1. Too early for me to notice that you'd posted at Fausty's GV. Dohhh!!

  2. I would dearly love the job of looking through the job titles and lists of consultants within various government departments and putting a red line through those that had no clear merit.
    I would do it free of charge,

  3. @ Incoming :-(
    I think there'd be a lot of competition for that unpaid work Banned - talk about job satisfaction!


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