"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Thursday, 11 March 2010

British Flags Everywhere: "Absolutely Appalling"

This man, Martin Smith, apparently also has connections with Unite and he fronts Love Music Hate Racism (don't we all). So far as I know, David Cameron has still not withdrawn his support for the UAF. How he can condone such a nasty group that has people like this in it, I don't know:

UPDATE: Thanks to Dazed & Confused in the comments who's clarified the link (Unite fund UAF) and thrown light on Cameron's involvement.

UPDATE: 28 May 2011. Here's a replacement for the video above; it isn't as long as the original but you can still catch his drift:


  1. Oh goodie, another wanker to hate.

  2. or perhaps he should ask the thousands of veterans who fought against facism during the war what the flag means to them or perhaps he thinks Hitler was to left wing.

  3. Essentially "Unite" formally the T&G., are the U.A.F.s, largest benefactor amongst all of the trade unions, but of course New Labour via the tax payer, fund them as well. On line, the U.A.F website openly claimed to have Tory leader David Cameron amongst it's followers and supporters, but when we did a little checking into that, we received a letter back from Tory central office, saying that Cameron himself, had only ever had one single correspondence with the U.A.F. many years ago, and he neither backed nor supported the group in the slightest. Hence, following this revelation of complete untruths by the U.A.F., they were forced to change their heading on their own website from "Followers and supporters" to Signatoties, which of course isn't even a word in the English language, but it's how they've gotten around keeping up this charade of outright lies and deceit.

  4. There are quite literally thousands of these flags being worn right now.

    You'll find them on the left shoulder of British Troops.

    I do so hate left wing twats and this chap is a twat of the highest order

  5. The first time I saw Martin Smith was on TV about 18 months ago. I thought it was a show about retarded kids as he stutters even when he's repeating the same (three word) answer for the fourth time. And in that ridiculous mockney accent as well. What a dick.

    I wonder what Martin thinks the EU flag represents? The political fruition of what the man who'd have gleefully gassed Martin was trying to accomplish militarily, perhaps.


  6. You're all up early this morning! Thanks for the input - I've updated the post. I've been looking for his Newsnight i/view with Paxman but youtube don't have it, which is a shame - Smith's a complete loser.

  7. G.V.

    If it's out there I'll locate it for you.

    Alternatively, I would suggest a Comedy slot here, but Martin Smith and the talentless Billy Bragg are deadly serious in what they believe.

  8. :-) Yes, I saw that but it's a bit early in the day and it's putting me off my breakfast. Thanks D&C.

  9. G.V...

    You were correct, I can't find the footage in question on any of the Internet video hosting arenas.

    It seems that nobody from the far left or right, have had the capacity to download the Paxman/Smith/Simon Hughes interview on newsnight from BBC i player directly, which of course is only available for a short period of time.

    If you ever see a clip yourself from the BBC, that you wish to save for posterity, give me a shout because I've worked out a way of recording direct from BBC i player itself, that other seem to have missed.

  10. UNITE's attitude to the British workers who pay the bills:


  11. Good video, thanks Scunnert. Dromey - mean-mouthed and spiteful.

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  13. Weren't we listening to this same tripe thirty years ago? At the time my close friends included an O'Reilly, a Malik and a Stylianou; all of whom were happy enough with the Union Flag.
    For those who don't like it these days, you know where the door is, it's called "Eurotunnel, France this way...".

  14. If only Banned - this Smith person looks and sounds like a 60's/70's Trot uni student. It's pathetic & disgraceful.


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