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Friday, 12 March 2010

Mini Round-up + Update

It's another busy day here so just a quick round-up for the record:

Who voted for Professor Andrew Ashworth QC and his policies on sentencing criminals? When did he present himself to the electorate for scrutiny? He's another quango-wallah, the head of the Sentencing Advisory Panel (soon to be replaced with the Sentencing Council). Their latest report recommends that 'any starting point for domestic burglary should be non-custodial'. Even those convicted of operating in gangs or stealing large amounts of property are recommended for 'community' service. It's a mockery.

Baroness Ashton is trying to restore her reputation by pushing forward plans for a single EU military headquarters (way to go, Cathy!)  Lies, Damned Lies & The EU

Read Liam Byrne's lips: There will be 'no new tax rises' under Labour.  An Italian-German banking group has told investors that Britain is at serious risk of even more serious budget problems than Greece.  “I am becoming convinced that Great Britain is the next country that is going to be pummelled by investors.  Britain’s AAA-rating is highly at risk. The budget deficit is huge and investors are not happy about it.  There will have to be absolute cuts in public salaries or pay, but nobody is talking about that.”

Another MP calls for a burkha ban; this time it's Philip Hollobone,  Conservative MP for Kettering.

Will Baroness Uddin face criminal charges?

Corruption and prostitution at the G8

The Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine

Foreign doctors don't need to speak English

UPDATE: There will be no charges laid against Uddin


  1. "single EU military headquarters"

    I suppose it might cut down on the logistics of child slavery then?

  2. Hi Incoming!!!!!!!!! Well, we always knew it was one of the goals - at least the msm is reporting on it now. This whole business has gone too far - too late to stop now.


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