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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

PMQs: Summary

The Vick's Vapour-Rub Edition:

Not much of a summary this week, I'm afraid - I'm too full of cold and I can't bear to listen to any of them banging on about the same old things.

Tributes paid to Sgt Steven Campbell who died in Helmand on Monday.

Cameron led on the BA strike and goaded Brown about crossing the picket lines at the Treasury.
Clegg asked again about Party funding.
Brown has used this line to Clegg on two previous occasions to my certain knowledge:  'I think he has prepared his second question before he'd heard my answer to his first'.
Ashcroft (twice), Chilcot, Party funding, Liars and Lobbyists, peerages, mephedrone, ('methederone'), index-linked state pensions, in-patient mental health units, personality disorders,
A frail Ian Paisley posed a short and eloquent question and Brown paid tribute to him.

Videos will follow.

The Coffee House is running a very good Budget commentary.


  1. I finally figured out how to 'activate' the uploaded videos, damn buggy YouTube.

    Thanks for the commentary.

  2. PMQs is a travesty - a joke. Is this what we call democracy?


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