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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

ACPO At It Again

The self-appointed private limited company that is ACPO needs to be culled.  It takes too much on itself and is a pernicious menace.  Its latest money-grabbing wheeze is to extend police powers to more nightclub bouncers and private security guards.

The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme already allows 1,667 'authorised' civilians to issue fines, stop people in the street, take their photograph and ask for their name and address but an extra 100,000 security guards and 50,000 bouncers are to be targeted.
Tory home affairs spokesman Chris Grayling called for an immediate end to the scheme: 'People expect policing powers to be held by police, and not by other groups like nightclub bouncers,' he said.
The move is particularly controversial because Acpo is directly involved in approving private firms which want to join the CSAS.

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It's time for elected Police Chiefs.


  1. There was just something so inevitable about thge rapid expansion of this disgusting scheme; I'd dare any private security guard to try acting like a Constable when I'm not on his premises.

  2. Hear, hear, Banned. Every new 'initiative' seems to have function creep and you just know that when something new is introduced it will be expanded and built upon into something more menacing. I'm still waiting for news of the Conservatives Hannan & Carswell Grand Repeal Bill!

  3. The privatizing of policing - inevitable in our neo-liberal world. If we can privatize war why not policing?

  4. 'Stop cars for testing'? If I see some hulking brute trying to flag my car down, I'll assume he's a crook, lock the doors & head straight for him.

  5. Aye, Scunnert - everything seems up for grabs now and there are too many corporate fingers in organisations that rightly belong to the people (SAS, police).

    Hi Anon, I think many would agree with you rather than take the chance of a car-jacking at knife or gun-point.


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