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Friday, 30 April 2010

Jon Stewart: The Leaders' Debate

Jon Stewart's amusing take on  the Leaders' debates and Bigotgate; the audience reaction to Brown's gaffe is telling:

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UPDATE: This seems to be a day for updates! Apparently, not everyone can see it so thanks to Fausty in the comments for posting this link. No matter where you live, the video can be seen HERE.
It begs the question of what happened with all the other Jon Stewart videos I've posted over the past year. It must mean lots of people missed out on those too.


  1. Video is not available in your country.

    I'm trying to track down a local copy.

    Thanks for posting, GV.

  2. Can't you get it Fausty? Sorry about that - I didn't realise.

  3. No worries, GV.

    You can watch the video here, GV

  4. ! I don't have problems viewing it Fausty - that's why I was surprised you do.
    Thanks for the link - it's useful for others who aren't 'in the zone'. I've watched it three times and laughed every time :-)


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