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Monday, 19 April 2010

Not Wavy Davey But Drowny Brownie

Poor old Ed Davey, the LibDems spokesman for Foreign Affairs, just didn't cut the mustard in this afternoon's live debate.  I'm sure he's a perfectly nice chap in private life: inoffensive, strokes dogs, doesn't kick cats and kisses babies, but he was out of his depth.  I'm being rather unfair in singling him out because most LibDems would be out of their depth in government but this was a debate hosted by Andrew Neil and Mark Urban between would-be Foreign Secretaries - oh, and Militw@t, darling of the EU.

There was no audience and questions were put by Neil and Urban but it did provide jigsaw puzzle answers to a few questions.  Questions such as:  Afghanistan, our Armed Forces, the EU and an independent nuclear deterrent.

They were each given 45 seconds to set out their Party's policy on Foreign Affairs and Defence before questions began.

I was going to do a summary but really I'm not sure if it's worth it because we didn't learn very much beyond what we already know.

LibDems: Troops home within five years; more European security and defence harmonisation/integration; no like-for-like Trident replacement; cancel Eurofighter; a pay rise for lower-ranking soldiers; speed up refurbishment of AF homes.

The LibDems are EU federalists and  want a European Defence Force of some description so it's no surprise that they're willing to do away with our independent nuclear deterrent.  A nice, populist touch from the LibDems is that they are 'willing to let the people decide' about joining the euro in a national referendum.  I presume that's why they walked out of the chamber of the HoC and boycotted the Conservative amendments to the Lisbon Treaty that asked for a referendum.  LibDems also say they'll cancel the Eurofighter in order to cut the deficit but this has already been researched and to cancel it will be more expensive than to carry on.

William Hague was next.  Of all Parties, the Conservatives should be the strongest on Foreign Affairs and Defence.  They promise regular strategic defence reviews, replacement of Trident, a National Security Council (Homeland Security?), referendum on any new handover of power to the EU; more school funding for Forces' children; double operational bonus for troops.  Hague mentioned our alliance with the USA but said it goes beyond that 'in the coming years'.  There was hardly a place on the globe that he didn't mention.  He's beginning to remind me of QE1 in her quest for survival against France and Spain.

Neil asked a strange question of Hague:  'The EU is dominated by centre-right Parties.  Why should the Conservatives cut themselves off from their mainstream?'  I found it strange because the EU is not dominated by 'centre-right' parties.  It's dominated by the left.  Just because someone calls black white doesn't make it so.  It is what it is: a fundamentally maoist, trotskyist, marxist amalgamation of nutters.  There's nothing 'centre-right' about it.  Hague did himself no favours by answering in the same terms and acknowledging 'a mainstream'.  He'd have done better to deny their right to call themselves 'the mainstream'.   I get fed up with all of this.  A horse is a horse, a shovel is a shovel and a spade is a spade.  Instead of refuting the language, Hague tried to reason and make excuses for his Party, thereby validating it.

I'm not writing anything about Militw@t because I think he's a f/king marxist shill and I can't stand the sight of him.   He's a devious b/stard and I can't think of words to describe him.  He and his Party are loathsome.  The funniest comment from the live blog was about Miliband and came from someone called Iain:  'Miliband looks like a cut-price gigolo'.

With thanks to Guido for providing the live 'anti-spin' chat.

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