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Friday, 16 April 2010

Oh No!

After a torrential-downpour-and-carajillo-&-biscuit morning with friends, blogging isn't looking too bright for today.  Does anyone else have a problem getting through to the Daily Politics blog, Times Online or Guido Fawkes from the sidebar?  I've run c-cleaner, uninstalled and re-installed Firefox but my pc still won't load their sites.  They're not the only ones either - WordPress seems to be a particular problem plus something called Servage.Net who has apaches clustering somewhere or other.  Are there any bright sparks out there who can give me a quick clue (apart from binning the pc).  I'd be grateful because it's an intermittent problem (ie I could access them all first thing this morning - but not now) so it's difficult to track down for a non-Neo.

I've just been watching our next Labour PM (apparently he's considerered a viable proposition), David Lammy MP for Tottenham, on the Daily Politics:
  • Minister of State (Higher Education and Intellectual Property), Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (10 Jun 2009 to 13 Oct 2009)
  • Minister of State (Higher Education & Intellectual Property), Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (9 Oct 2008 to 10 Jun 2009)
  • Minister of State, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (6 Oct 2008 to 9 Oct 2008)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Skills), Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (13 Jul 2007 to 6 Oct 2008)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (28 Jun 2007 to 13 Jul 2007)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Culture), Department for Culture, Media & Sport (23 May 2005 to 28 Jun 2007)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Culture, Media & Sport (11 May 2005 to 23 May 2005)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs (13 Jun 2003 to 11 May 2005)
  • Parliamentary Secretary, Department of Health (29 May 2002 to 13 Jun 2003)
Given that at the next GE Labour will be out, whether hung, drawn or quartered, that this jovial chap should be wheeled out to spread the 'Labour Loves You All - Vote For Us' message is puzzling.   A good tip to all would-be politicians: when asked a question you can't answer, just slap your thighs, divert attention with a joke, and throw back your head whilst emitting gales of laughter.  I'd like to see Lammy up against Paxman.  "It felt longer than the half-hour you get in PMQs", he said in answer to Andrew Neil's query about last night's debate and Neil didn't really seem to question him in the way he questions others - perhaps election-delirium has kicked in for him.

Labour are cosying up to the LibDems only in order to promote a hung Parliament - the worst possible option for the country but the best possible option for Labour - how else can they cling to power?  And it is power they crave: power to change society, power to change the country to a 'new world order, international socialist ideal'.  They've made a very good start and only need this election victory via a hung Parliament with the LibDems to make their constitutional and societal reforms very, very hard to unpick.   It just won't do.

Please don't vote LibDem unless you truly want a hung Parliament to the left of Labour and more pro-EU than the present one.  If you can't vote whole-heartedly for the Conservatives and really want a hung Parliament, vote UKIP, BNP, English Democrats, Libertarian, Independent.  Anything rather than LibDem which will see us shackled forever.

Any ideas on my clustering apaches?  I haven't been able to access WikiLeaks for months either.  Any clues?


  1. Have you tried clearing out the firefox recent history and cookies?

  2. Thanks NF but I've tried everything apart from re-formatting the hard drive and buying a new pc. I use c-cleaner which clears everything out once a week, but this problem keeps recurring. I'll have another look at cookies, just in case. Thank you.

  3. Ps - I also have probs with Script and Chrome - does that give any clues?

  4. I'd like to see Lammy up against a wall, GV, and apart from everything else I dislike about him, the man is a complete divot!

  5. GV spot on. Intellectual Property. Piracy through the Silk. The great poetic justice of all this will be Mastery of IP by the Pirates. Who are the greatest IP pirates today? ChiComms and their Roth/Rock compadres.

  6. Yup, he's definitely intellectually deficient Spidey.

    @ Incoming: “no participant is proposing to require governments to mandate a ‘graduated response' or ‘three strikes' approach to copyright infringement on the internet”. From here - no mandatory internet cut-offs. Given half a chance this govt will do exactly as it pleases though.


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