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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Real Brown On Display + Updates

Well, it had to happen.  Recognition of Gordon Brown's true nature can no longer be ignored by the msm, including the BBC which means the wider electorate will be informed as well.  The prat forgot he was wearing a microphone and berated his staff (Sue?) for allowing a woman to meet him on a walkabout and raise some questions including the deficit, education, the EU, student tuition fees, immigration from Eastern Europe - so, not an uninformed Granny.

Interviewed immediately afterwards on Sky, the woman, Gillian Duffy, was visibly shaken and upset: she'd thought the talk with Brown had gone well and told him she was going to vote Labour.  He'd thanked her, admired her red coat, shaken her hand and smiled profusely.  The poor old Lancastrian grandmother hadn't even intended to meet Brown; she'd been on her way to the shops when she saw the melee and Brown's advisors invited her over.  When asked whether she wanted a personal apology she said she thought he should apologise but she didn't want to see him in person, ever again.

At a news broadcast later Brown said he'd been doing a favour for the media by wearing the microphone in the first place but he was very sorry for calling Mrs Duffy "a bigot".  He also said "the broadcasters have chosen to play my private conversations" before "stomping" out of the studio.  So, not much of a mea culpa.

Surely, the man's finished?  He just can't hack meeting real people, the people whose lives are affected by the laws and policies his government has introduced.  The question is, who will replace him after the election in the event of a hung parliament?  Johnson? Miliband? Harman?  If the Labour Party form a coalition government with anybody I suggest a Citizens' Stroll around Parliament on May 7th.

Videos to follow.

There must be a subtitled video somewhere of Brown's conversation in the car (since Sky is running one at the moment) and I'll post it as and when. Meanwhile, I suppose Gordon's lying down in a darkened room. The msm is making more of this than they did of his electioneering at Glenrothes, when journalists were threatened to stay back by armed guards.

How many more custard pies will Brown thrown in our faces? He doesn't like 'ordinary' people - he thinks we're weird, bigoted, irrational. He doesn't like questions, he doesn't like debate: Gordon knows best.
* Insult to injury: Mrs Duffy is a widowed charity-worker and a lifelong Labour voter.



  1. We do not want this man as part of a deal with Clegg.

  2. Definitely not, OR. I don't want either of them! Brown's been our PM since mid-2007 and now everyone can see why our bloggers' corner despises him so much. This can't be avoided by the msm again.

  3. GV he's the dullard. The rest are too sharp to be caught out letting us hear the evidence we all suspect.

    God I hope he gets abandoned on a iceflow by the UN for his troubles.

    Is there anyone in history such a total and utter wankstain? Is there?

    As for the rest of the cute boys and girls, like Mandelbrot and assorted consorts, all I can say is "Granddaddy Rothschild wants you on his knee."

  4. Incoming, Gordon the Chosen One turns out to be Gordon the Fall Guy for all to see. The end is very close - or else whyever would he have been coronated in the first place? I'm just glad the msm are actually running with it for the moment and bringing it to wider attention.

  5. That's how the elite view us little people - like digshit on their shoe.

  6. Phekk me with a steam shovel and a pneumatic mandolin. I've just heard he went back to the poor woman. Listening to the OAP Strangler talking out his arse he made it sound like the poor woman was at fault. What a spanner!!!!! GODDAMN he and his stinking cabal need to swing!!!!

  7. Scunnert, I think it's time we found another word to describe them rather than accepting their self-styled 'elite'. But, yes, good point - just cannon fodder of various kinds.

    I've seen the pics of him emerging from her house Incoming!!!!!!! She must be a nice woman - more generous than I'd have been in the circumstances.


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