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Friday, 23 April 2010

Sky: 2nd Leaders' Debate

In which Gordon Brown begs for his job and wonders where it's most appropriate to smile.  He can't compute so just stretches his mouth in the direction of his ears on an ad hoc basis.  The first questions concern the EU and a potential re-run of Afghanistan elsewhere in the world:

Part 2
Part 3  The 3rd question, on climate change, kicks in at about 05:35 and Gordon says the UK is "the world's leading offshore wind power".  Nick Clegg says he doesn't have a "theological position" regarding nuclear power.
Part 4 4th question about the Pope's forthcoming visit to the UK, Roman Catholic priests, child abuse and the Church's stance on various issues begins at roughly 05:10
Part 5  5th question: 'How do you plan to restore faith in the political system?' begins at 01:54 approx.
Part 6 A woman who looks remarkably well at the age of 84 asks a question about state pensions (£59 per week??!!): 02:33.
Part 7 @ 02:42 the 7th questioner asks whether a hung parliament/coalition government would be better for the country.  Clegg, unsurprisingly, is in favour.  Brown seems to think it's already in place via quangos and Cameron doesn't care for it at all.
Part 8 in which Cameron raises another laugh, this time about coalition government.  Question 8 begins at about 03:01 and asks how to make immigration fairer.  BoJo was thrown up as a smokescreen by Clegg when the LibDems were queried on their Amnesty for Illegals.
Part 9 has more on immigration plus the pre-prepared closing statements and more sneers from Brown.

None of the issues raised actually peeked behind the curtain to take a look at the deeper issues upon which their statements were predicated;  it all seemed rather superficial but I suppose that's a result of the tight format.  Nice to see Clegg constantly checking his speech-notes.

I thought Cameron was stronger, clearer and more positive this week.  I still haven't seen the polls but I understand from a snippet on LBC when I was setting up Sky that opinion is that Clegg came out on top.   I don't get it at all and can only put it down to 13yrs of a weak Conservative Opposition which has let things get too far and people's wish to now try something new.  Anyone but the LibDems though - they're just more of the same:  Clegg is steeped in politics moreso than Cameron.  As for Gordon & his Labour Party - they're a busted flush.  Aren't they?

With thanks to Sw1ssB0b of the Daily Politics for the videos.

Now back to my marathon cook-a-thon and freezing sessions of the food I was able to rescue from the freezer while I think about St George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday.


  1. The debates are being reported over here and people are interested in Clegg. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hi WL, you're welcome. Clegg has created quite a stir but I wish people would look more deeply into his policies. Before the election debates the LibDems stood for just about everything the British were opposed to - their policies haven't changed but people's perception has. Only two weeks to go!


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