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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Troops To Kandahar

It looks as though British troops currently in Helmand will be moving to Kandahar when the Americans put in extra Marines to take overall control of the province this summer. There's a four-way ideological tug-of-war going on at the moment between the Americans, the British, the politicians and the Civil Service.
"Senior British figures have resisted the idea for some time but generals and senior diplomats are increasingly warming to the idea that they should "declare victory" in Helmand and move west to the city of Kandahar.

"Foreign Office sources in London said that the relocation was now becoming an "assumption" in some quarters rather than a mere option...

"The problem is that while it might make military sense, everybody knows that the Cabinet office will be the place where this decision will be taken and that decision will be up to the politicians after the election. There will be a heavy political cost because we've sunk a lot of muscle and treasure in Helmand.

"British forces would face a tough urban fight in Kandahar and many fear casualty rates could exceed those in Helmand.

"An Army planner warned: "It is a far more complex area. If we think the problems in Helmand are difficult then they are horribly magnified in Kandahar...

"Senior Foreign Office figures fear that moving to Kandahar would mean British troops remained in Afghanistan indefinitely whereas Helmand would leave open the possibility of an "exit strategy" being developed at relatively short notice should the situation in the country deteriorate. "
Prepare for more MoD spin in the coming months.  We've been in Afghanistan for eight long and costly years and it's disheartening that there seems to be no end in sight for our troops.

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  1. After 8 years of blood sweat and a smashed treasury it is mission complete. We've shown the ChiComms how to run a networksentric op., psyop and prepared the field. Meanwhile the 5th column here in the West will have made sure through PFI etc. that all our infrastructure is wide open to cyber attack. That means the utilities, comms and civil control will get vaped if we do not comply.

    I'd love to be the fly on the wall when the Davos/Bilderberg crowd get the message that their boy has gone rogue. If Stalin could do it no reason for one of his ChiComm relatives not to try it.

    I'm afraid this sham electroral process is playing out as speculated. Hung parliament and no roll back of the Fabian crap. It is up to us as individuals now. We live in a RICO state.


  2. It's all going on under our noses, Incoming but people just aren't interested. We've had enough warnings recently - gas supplies, electricity blackouts, airspace shut down. We're a testing ground at the moment.

    Remind me - RICO - racketeering and corruption?


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