"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Thursday, 29 April 2010

What Sort Of Country Do We Live In?

It's a funny question I suppose, but one we'd all do well to keep asking ourselves.  Superficially we seem to live in a generally benign state where the government only wants what's best for us and most people are happy to accept that premise.  The government wants to help us and smooth life's difficulties with job-hunting, preventing homelessness, ensuring we eat our 5-a-day, lose weight, stop smoking and drinking, tide us over if we fall on hard times, cure us if we are ill and generally act as benefactor.  It says.

I've just caught up with this article which was published in Games Monitor while I was offline earlier this month.  It concerns security measures being taken for Olympics 2012 which include the construction of an 11 mile, 5,000 volt electric fence, topped with 900 daylight & night vision surveillance cameras spaced at 55-yard  intervals.

"A new genre of military futurology has emerged which owes as much to apocalyptic Hollywood movies as it does to the cold war tradition of ‘scenario planning'. Often outlandish and bizarre in its prophecies, and always dystopian, this new military futurism sees threats to the western way of life emanating not only from rogue states, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism but also from resurgent nationalism, conflicts over dwindling resources, migration, disease, organised crime, abrupt climate change and the emergence of failed cities where social disorder is rife.

"Other security measures to be implemented for London 2012 will include facial and iris recognition, finger-print and hand recognition, guards with attack dogs and search dogs. New software is planned to integrate all of London's CCTV cameras, and will have the capability to follow you through the city. A scheme to search people and vehicles will include machines capable of looking through your clothing. The Air Force will deploy its Reaper pilot-less drone aircraft, which will carry laser-guided bombs and missiles including the Hellfire air-to-ground weapon. While on the Thames, the Royal Navy will deploy its new £1 billion Daring class Type 45 destroyer. These are also to be fitted with laser-guided missile systems able to shoot down a target the size of a cricket ball.

"The Olympic Act 2006, which sets out various laws relating to the Olympics, gives the right of forced entry into private property to remove unauthorised advertising or protest banners.  ... the right of forced entry is extended outside the police force to staff contracted to the ODA.

"... security measures for the London Olympics will include the nationwide use of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act, allowing police stop and search without suspicion. The London Olympics and its security does not exist in isolation but in a continuum of increasing state surveillance and security hysteria."
Take a look at this article too: The Police are considering the forcible chemical sedation of suspects. "The Federation is currently undertaking work to formulate a strategy which we intend to lead to recognition and acceptance of excited delirious syndrome by the British medical profession."

Are you feeling safer yet or can you feel the noose tightening?  When has any government voluntarily relinquished power and control once gained?  Oh, grandma, what big teeth you have!


  1. Whatever country it is now, GV it sure as hell ain't England as we used to know her.

    And who is to blame - Socialists!

    And who changed the curriculum so that history is not longer taught propertly - Socialists!

    As a basic rule of life is that you learn by your mistakes - and as mistakes cannot now be learnt from, - courtesy of the Socialists - we are doomed!

    As I have Jewish/Scots ancestry - lets get the BNP in government. Give me my £50grand and I go tomorrow!

  2. Apols for the typos, had more 'dutch courage' than I thought - and yes it is only 5.45pm!

  3. Ah - but does the govt scare you more, Scunnert?

    Does England have a history, Mr W? I thought everything was British these days. I think, if you read their manifesto, you'll be disappointed with the BNP - Jewish/Scots won't qualify you for the 50k :-) Let's just hang on for Labour to be history.

  4. All of this was planned decades ago.

    Notice that iDave is not planning to scrap any of it. He's just prettying it up. So is Boris. The Cons will be better than Labour in disguising the agenda.

    When the government can murder without being detected (more so than now), we will have tyranny.

    How to stop it from happening? Stop feeding corporations. Withdraw your custom and give it to small businesses, instead.

  5. What do you mean I don't qualify? Jewish is Israel and Scotland is likewise another country, hence I am a foreigner!

  6. Yes, Fausty, I have the same concerns about Cameron at the moment - he's paying lip service to dismantling aspects of the surveillance state (though they're apparently keeping all the cctv cameras). I worry that it's gone too far but most people don't seem to notice or actually think it will only ever be benign. Life isn't like that.

    :-) Mr W. Keen though they are on deporting illegals and offering cash to others to leave (like the govt already does), I think you'll have a job on your hands to convince them. Nice try though.


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