"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who's To Blame?

The Enablers are to blame, and those who vote for their policies. Labour with its admitted deliberate open-house immigration policy aimed at changing the make-up of British society must bear the biggest responsibility. The LibDems and the Conservatives share responsibility for tacitly supporting them over the past thirteen years and it wouldn't be fair to forget the part played in all this by the EU.

The video isn't easy viewing (and you might want to skip the first jingoistic half-minute or so) but it's worth watching to the end if only to see the cameraman being told to stop filming. I'm afraid that if I had my way, every chest-slapper would be deported to a country more in tune with their cultural requirements.

What's the solution? It has to be either UKIP or the BNP.

“The English aren’t worth saving as a race.” Jack Straw's little gem can’t be repeated enough. We have a government comprised of people just like him – snakes in the grass who call us 'mongrel English'. I have no time for “Mr Sanctimonious of the Fabian Society” and I know I'm not the only Little Englander who clings to the hope that there’s honey still for tea.

The Scots needn't feel too comfortable - once plans to pay immigrants to move there are more widely publicised they'll be sitting up, taking notice. I wonder what Salmond has to say about it?

One small point hanging over from the leaders' debate: when talking about immigration Clegg talked about directing immigration into "regions". Twice he referred to regions, never to England. They think England's done and dusted; perhaps they're right. England will cease to exist as a country under EU plans.

With thanks to Scunnert for the video - distasteful though it was.


  1. “The English aren’t worth saving as a race.”

    Isn't that racist? Are politicians immune from charges of racism, too?

    Like you, I have nothing against the BNP stealing votes from Labour, and UKIP from all parties.

    I'm rather dismayed that the LibDems might pick up votes. How soon they forget: the LibDem Lisbon Treaty betrayal.

    All three have reneged on their manifesto pledges from the last election.

  2. "Are politicians immune from charges of racism, too?"

    Labour ones are. House of Lords their refuge?

  3. Yes, it sounds racist to me Fausty but we all know these politicians seem to have permanent immunity from just about everything. I notice the vote for 'others' seems to be rising along with the LibDem support - perhaps people will stop and think that if they consider it worthwhile to vote LibDem then they should consider other smaller parties as well.

    Well said, OR - since we can't revert to the hereditaries, it's time for a fully elected Upper House.

  4. You may like this vid GV:


    "The Scots needn't feel too comfortable - once plans to pay immigrants to move there are more widely publicised they'll be sitting up, taking notice. I wonder what Salmond has to say about it?"

    Salmond is all in favour GV. His neo-liberal agenda is to fire up growth through massive immigration just like Ireland did. We are assured that Scotland is a big country that isn't full up. What an idiotic thing to say. While Scotland has the wilderness of the highlands with not many people, immigrants would be going to the cities that are already overcrowded. And as far as being a big country you could fit Scotland into a wee corner of Ontario (where I live) and not notice it was there.

    Scotland is 78,722 sq kl. Canada has 224,465.9 sq km given over to National Parks alone and that represents a mere 2% of Canada's total land mass. Scotland's population density is around 67 per sq kl while Canada's is 3.2 persons per sq kl. Scotland is already overcrowded but folks get used to it and think that's normal. They see a green field or two driving from one town to another and imagine they have lots of space left for masses more people.

    I was on a Scottish left political blog the other day and had my views characterized as "odious" for just bringing up the subject of immigration. I'm afraid Scotland will go the way of England now. Discussion on the subject is closed and that leaves the doors open for whoever wants to exploit the situation. Oh aye - chest thumpers are on their way.

  5. GV I think the way to look at this question of UK plc in general and locally even more pointedly is to view the land mass of the British Isles as a Royal Chase. Once viewed thus, everything is clear. The composition of the population within the Chase is purely a matter for the lads in charge. With that in mind the so called acheivments of the past 50 years are nothing more than a Trojan Horse designed to restore the balance in favour of the actual land owners who are, and this needs to be clearly understood, NOT BRITISH. This is their base of operations. They have no sympathy for the proles scratching a living on the Chase, though they may affect affection to stop us shitting on the polo pitches.

  6. "His neo-liberal agenda is to fire up growth through massive immigration just like Ireland did." That's what they said to England too Scunnert. As you say, people will always go to where there are jobs - Scotland may have many sparsely-populated areas but perhaps that's because they're only suitable for hill farming or crofting.

    Thanks for the vid but it was a touch too angry for my taste though you're right about raising the question of immigration - lefty blogs are definitely best avoided though - far too blinkered and single-minded.

    So everything comes down to money and control? Control of the money and control of the people? Well, we're definitely not seeing the whole picture yet Incoming and I don't think we'll care for it very much when we do.

  7. Excellent post matey.

    “The English aren’t worth saving as a race.”

    I have been after the source of this quote for ages - do you have info of it's origins?

  8. GV I posted last summer that UKplc should get ready for our equivalent of the "Clearances".


    Nothing I've read or witnessed since then has changed my mind. It is striking that we seem to have been the victim of a well orchestrated mugging. Others covet our lands and have done so for hundreds of years.

  9. Hi Wyrdtimes, he said it some time in the 80s and I've posted it before but can't find it now. I'll have a look around and post it with links if I find it.

    Good one Incoming - the old displacement, fragmentation theory. At the turn of the decade I thought it must be down to the usual Labour govt incompetence but CCA and RIPA opened my eyes. It's a mugging that's been long in the planning.

  10. I've heard he said it during"womens hour" on BBC R4 during a discussion about the Falklands... but this is only rumour.

    If you could provide more info that would be great.


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