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Friday, 7 May 2010

Good News: Bad News

Good news is that Jacqui Smith has lost her seat in Redditch thanks to a 9.2% swing to the Conservatives.
Bad news is that Ed Balls has held his despite a 9.3% swing to the Conservatives.

At first glance, UKIP haven't done as well as I'd hoped they would and the BNP failed to make gains in Barking.  One strange result I'm still adjusting to is Caroline Lucas, mouthy leader of the Greens becoming their first Westminster MP (Brighton).

There seem to be quite a few recounts going on and, if I've heard correctly, two high-profile LibDems have lost their seats: Susan Kramer and Julia Goldsworthy.

Here's the latest position on seats:

Conservatives: 281 with 37% share of the vote
Labour: 227 with 29% "  "   "
LibDems: 48  with 23%  "  "  "
Others: 27 with 11%  "  " "

Labour are still whingeing about forming a coalition despite their votes and seats  falling away and Brown and his cohorts are huddled at No.10 trying to see what, if anything, they can cobble together.  Can anything be clearer?  The British people do not want this government.

Here's Jacqui Smith's Portillo moment:

UPDATE @ 7.47am: Charles Clarke has lost his seat, as have Tony McNulty, Bill Rammell, Shahid Malik and Lembit Opik. Esther Rantzen lost her deposit in Luton South.  All the spin from Labour at the moment is about forming a government of "the anti-Conservative progressive majority".   Present situation -  Lab: 235; Cons: 286; LibDems: 51; Others: 27.  51 seats still to declare.


  1. GV phekked of to bed @ 1:30am when if became obvious summit was up. Sweet; the fat pig bought it. BTW not 8am and Dimbleby and Co. are starting with the suggestive linguistics and predictive programming. I paraphrase "How wiil the break up of the party system fulfil the hung parliament meme?"

  2. I can hardly believe this is happening in Britain, Incoming. There's been a push underway in the msm for ages and we always said Brown would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. People won't stop demanding PR and coalition - what's wrong with them?? I'm thinking of taking the rest of the day off because the repercussions from this will rumble on for weeks, even if the Cons form a minority govt.

  3. How does an English Labour/non-Euroesceptic Tory compact sound? Could it work and get the royal seal of approval? If it gets in power expect govt. funding of political parties and proportional representation.

    Just expect anything GV, there are turncoats everywhere.

    The key to this is the 24/7 hissing of The Mandelbrot Set. Their internationalist masters have been busy for years and years engineering this outcome. It was obvious when MSM made no noise about taking this parliamant to the wire that instructions had been given, almost 2 years ago now, not to mention that fact.

  4. 38 Degrees are hosting an interesting poll to see what the public thinks we should do in this situation. So far, a progressive majority government is ranking second.

    See and vote here:

  5. One of the problems Incoming seems to be that all the existing 3 parties are all a mish-mash of beliefs, some of which are suppressed for political gain. Not only parliament is being taken to the wire but the entire country, socially and economically.

    Thanks for that Robert - an interesting proposition, but I didn't vote because they want too much online info.


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