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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How Many More Disappointments...

...can we expect from this coalition government?  The latest is that the extradition of Gary McKinnon might not be halted after all, despite pre-election protestions from both Cameron and Clegg.

What Clegg said then:
“It's simply not good enough for Alan Johnson to shrug his shoulders and claim that nothing can be done.  It's completely within his power to enact amendments from the Police and Justice Act, which would allow Gary McKinnon to be tried over here.  Or he could urge the Director of Public Prosecutions to begin proceedings.” 

What Clegg says now:
“What I haven't got the power to do, neither has the home secretary, neither even has the Prime Minister, is to completely reverse and undo certain legal aspects of this.  But that, of course, you wouldn't want politicians to do.  It's legally very complex but on the morality and principle of it, I haven’t changed my view one little bit, which is that it would be right for Gary McKinnon to be tried in this country.”

I've been kind to the LibServatives for a week or so now but I think it's time I reverted to my first name for them: the ConDems.

“I just can’t see this extradition happening now.”


  1. Personally I'm ok with him being extradited to the states.

    I don't like the non-reciprocal nature of the treaty.

  2. Hi ACO, I think there are two aspects, the first is the non-reciprocal nature, as you say and the second is the hypocrisy of Clegg and Cameron. It's fine when they're in Opposition, acting so self-righteously, but when they have an opportunity to actually do something, they backtrack. It's obviously not going to be as easy as they first thought and shows how shallow and opportunistic they were when in opposition.

    As for Gary himself, I'd rather he was tried in the UK given his medical condition. The whole thing has been traumatic for the family and has dragged on for far too long.

  3. GV Clegg has just told us there that he is morally neutered. Not degenerate or bankrupt or evil. He's a non actor in the moral dimension. His programmers must be happy. Serfdom beckons since that would require this morally neutered state just before the evil morality took over in the form of a different actor. We are being groomed.

  4. I don't particularly see what Garys medical condition has to do with it, fact is the treaty is one sided.

    I'm going with Leg-Irons


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