"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 7 May 2010

I Want My Dream Back

I was quite happy muddling through life thinking that we were okay, that Britain was a principled parliamentary democracy - until 1997.  Since then things have gone downhill.

I had a choice this morning: find the sick bucket, throw a brick at the tv, or go into the garden and thwceam and thwceam and thwceam.  What I actually did was take quite a few deep breaths, make a cup of tea and then come online so I can share Jack Dromey's pearls of wisdom  with you since we live in a fair, collective society and you should share my pain.

Jack Dromey, Trades Unionista par excellence, Treasurer of the Labour Party and husband of Harriet Harman was selected to be the Labour Candidate for the safe seat of Birmingham  Erdington on a supposedly all-women shortlist.  He is now their MP.

In a brief exchange with Paxman this insufferable, jumped-up, smirking g!t of a socialist toady insisted that the will of the people must be done and, hey presto, the will of the people is that we must have a Labour government.


Paxman:  What do you think of this idea of some sort of accommodation between your Party and the LibDems?
Dromey:  Well the electorate have spoken.  What they want is stable government, what they do not want is a Conservative government.  What's extraordinary about the results last night is that the big losers are the Conservative Party.  We have been in power for 13yrs; we've had the worst economic global crisis for a hundred years; we've had the Tories pouring Ashcroft's money into the marginals to try and buy seats.  They were, the Conservative Party, 24% ahead in the polls yet they have failed to gain a majority in the House of Commons.
Paxman:  They've got two million more votes than you did!
Dromey:  The country does not want a Conservative government, what it expects now...
Paxman: [interrupting] Two million more people want it than want a Labour government, apparently.
Dromey:  Yes, but they, the country wants stable government, progressive government, fair government.  It does not want a Conservative government.
Paxman:  Well why did more people vote for it?
Dromey:  The verdict of the country is clear... [cutaway to shot of Paxman laughing and shaking his head] ... if this was a Conservative country, and it is not a Conservative country, the Conservatives would have won a majority.  The big losers are the Conservative Party.
Paxman:  The Conservatives got more votes than Tony Blair got in one of the elections.
Dromey:  The Conservatives have not succeeded in winning a majority in Parliament
Paxman:  Well, thank you for stating the blindingly obvious.
Dromey:  The electorate does not want a Conservative government.  The last thing at a time like this that the country needs is a Conservative government, not least because with their plans, Jeremy, for an emergency budget in 60 days, they'd make huge cuts and plunge Britain... [interrupted]
Paxman:  Let's be clear about this: what they've really said is they want a minority government led by an unpopular Prime Minister who has failed to win an election propped up by a Party in third place?  That's what the people of Britain really want is it?
Dromey: Discussions will now need to take place [cutaway to Paxman laughing his socks off] as to how we can deliver stable government in difficult times for the people of Britain.  The outcome must not be, however, a Conservative government.  And the Liberals are going to have to reflect upon this: do they really want to get into bed with David Cameron because you've only got to come here to Birmingham to see what's happened as a consequence of a Conservative/Libdem alliance in the Council cutting 2,000 jobs, services to the community.  As a consequence,  in Birmingham, the Conservatives did not make gains.
Paxman:  Okay, I think we've understood you.  Thank you very much, Jack Dromey.

I think we all understand the Labour Party and the likes of Gordon Brown and Jack Dromey by now.   I may need that sick bucket after all.

Brown's out on the steps of Downing Street now and Cameron is due to make a statement at half past two  - more later.

UPDATE @ 2.18pm:  Latest seats - Con: 301; Labour: 255; LibDem: 56; Others 27.  Seats still to declare: 11

UPDATE: To read more of Dromey in Labour-droid mode, but this time with Jon Sopel of the Politics Show, click here


  1. It's just not funny, Labour are all mentally deficient!

  2. Thanks for posting the transcription - Dromey is a proper mental!

  3. No, Sue, I'm not laughing much either. It's the distortion, manipulation and lies - I just can't bear any more.

    You're welcome digitaltoast - that's one of the pleasures of having Sky+ - if you can call watching Dromey 'a 'pleasure :-)

  4. What is so dreadful about these people is that they speak with such anger and pounding moral assertiveness and that they repeat endlessly unfounded, contrived and fabricated assertions. It is as though they have all been trained from the same training manual. Maybe they have.

    To hear them speak, you could be forgiven for forgetting that they have been the most deliberately corrupt, damaging and malevolent government in probably the last 250 years, maybe longer.

    One must ALWAYS remember that they do not mean what they say. It is all an act. All tactics.

    The one and only thing in which they excel is lying and deceit.

    Incidentally, the best way of dealing with them is not to DEFEND against their accusations, but to fling back at them the very accusations they make of you, because it is uncanny how accurately they describe themselves when they rant on about others. This tactic completely confuses and silences them. The Tories do not understand that, and Labour have consequently run circles round them for very many years. Pathetic really.

  5. Thanks Marcellus. Sadly, I agree with what you say about the Cons - to my mind they've been a weak and ineffective Opposition and now they've got what they deserve.

    This neuro-linguistic programming is prime Labour stuff. Like the sneering, effete Mandelson they think of a line and just repeat and repeat, endlessly. They speak lies with authority and they don't deviate from the programme. The media can't go unchallenged either for its compiance over the past years. It's time to break out of this restrictive mind-mould that politicans have placed us in. I still feel sick at the scenes last night and this morning.

  6. Ah GV, now you have really touched on the nub of the matter.

    Without the compliance of the MSM, particularly the broadcast news programmes, this monstrous behaviour would have been exposed.

    They did not want the Tories, so they accepted WHATEVER Labour did.

    When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission eventually sits in judgement on this shallow, rich, principle-less, extremely selfish, greedy, corrupt, self-indulgent, weak charactered, highly materialistic, dishonest duopoly of politicians and broadcasters (siamese twins joined at the hip) I want total exposure of them all for what they are and what they have done.

    I want a new upspringing of thousands of grassroot specks of light with new and different values that will wipe the power and influence of this odious bunch away for good. I want a renaissance of decency. We all know what decency is (they do too) but it all sounds so corny and funny now as they demean everything - but I want that to change. I want it to become fashionable once again to be honest, decent, honourable, truthful, trustworthy FOR ITS OWN SAKE, not for some personal advantage. It was so once. I can remember it.

    I fear it will only come about when there is new media, not controlled by the present guilty ones. It could come about if we really wanted it to do.

  7. "I want that to change. I want it to become fashionable once again to be honest, decent, honourable, truthful, trustworthy FOR ITS OWN SAKE, not for some personal advantage. It was so once. I can remember it."

    Well, you're not alone in that Marcellus. It isn't that long ago when a gentleman's handshake was his bond - unfortunately gentlemen are now out of fashion and bonds are imploding sovereign debt.

    There'll be no new media controllers and the world will continue to turn in its present form - ever evolving into something unrecognisable and an anathema to those who can remember when the State didn't control, manipulate, censor, regulate, inform, intrude.

    It's a fight that can't be won through the ballot box. There'll be no "new upspringing of grassroots". Years of dumbed-down education have seen to it that some people don't even know how to cast a vote and can't even spell 'electoral law'.

    I'm going to wait until I see what this possible Con/LibDem cosiness proposes ... it's the best there is on the table at the moment. That's what's so bloody depressing.


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