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Friday, 28 May 2010

Is He Still Here?

It's Campbell, of course.  He's back where he wants to be, at the centre of attention, spinning and weaving his way through 'plots', scams and headlines of his own making.

Why didn't Question Time invite a shadow opposition minister to go opposite a front bench minister instead of this lying, conniving, has-been?  As it was I thought Dimbleby gave too much leeway to both Campbell and Morgan who were vying with each other to see who could run off at the mouth the loudest and the longest.  Campbell is an unsufferable bully and I'd hoped we'd seen the back of him and the brand of politics he fostered.

If the rumours of Brown's dissolution list are true then he could be in line for a peerage - it doesn't bear thinking about - Alastair Campbell in ermine!

Campbell by Campbell

UPDATE: No peerage for Campbell - that really would have been a slap in the face. Amongst those going to the House of Lords are:  Sir Iain Blair, John Prescott, John Reid, Sue Nye, Michael Howard, and various high-flying contributors to Conservative coffers.
More info here
Complete list here


  1. Did not watch it GV as if ever there was a case for euthenasia then Morgan and Campbell are living examples!.

    QT has gone down the provbial in my opinion. It would be far more informative if they just had one politician and made him/her justify his/her views! Lets start with one G Brown and hear him justify bankrupting the bloody country before we lynch the bastard!

  2. It's somehow evolved into an entertainment show, Mr W. Robin Day is doing the proverbial in his grave!

  3. Hardly entertainment GV, even though those appearing are clowns!

  4. :-) I take your point, Mr W.

  5. I thought this snub to Dimbleby and The BBC superb. The leftie lover DD was so, so put out!!

  6. Hi OR - yes, QT had no reason to expect a front-bencher to be put up against someone like Campbell - such a toerag of a man. Piers Morgan isn't exactly their flavour of the month either! I thought John Redwood came across well - he would have done better if he hadn't been constantly interrupted.


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