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Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's All Too Much

An MP doorsteps a constituent
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I find it barely credible that David Laws is being lauded for his integrity by all sides of the House and sections of the media who are closing ranks around him.  We're not only supposed to be grateful that he's apologised, stood down quickly and repaid the money but that he's also waived the usual severance pay for MPs.

The general tenor of his colleagues' comments today seems to be that concerns for his privacy absolve him from any blame in the £40k expenses fiasco and he will soon be back in government.  The media is diverting attention on to his homosexuality and away from the fraud but that won't wash.  If I wanted to keep my sexuality secret even I'd know not to divert £40k from taxpayers and pay it to my boyfriend - and I don't have a double first in PPE.

He had every opportunity to set the record straight last year and I can only think that the reason he didn't is because he didn't foresee that he would ever be in government - and to be honest, neither did we!  How many other MPs have been let off the expenses hook or are keeping quiet because they don't expect to come under scrutiny?

The deep damage and hurt done to this country and its people by the last thirteen years of Labour government won't allow excuses now, no matter how bright the Minister.  Neither is being gay the issue here and we shouldn't get railroaded by other MPs, Ministers or the press (Polly Toynbee is already all over the airwaves saying it's a shame that he's been hounded out because of his sexuality and she's calling for new privacy laws!).

Cameron:  "A good and honourable man."
Clegg:  "When these questions have been addressed, I very much hope that there will be an opportunity for him to rejoin the Government.’’
Ken Clarke:  “He may well’’ be able to satisfy the parliamentary standards commissioner that his expenses arrangements were excused by his desire not to reveal his sexuality.
Alan Duncan:  "... a much liked and talented person.  I’m upset by the hurt this must have caused him and I hope he’ll soon be back."
Ian Duncan-Cough: “I am deeply sorry that he has had to go.  I have no question at all that he has the talent to be back.’’
Osborne: “put on earth’’ to do the job of Chief Secretary and bring down the deficit.
Liam Byrne: “... a hugely talented man and I think he does now deserve the space to gather himself together.’’

A more intelligent last word goes to Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights campaign group Stonewall: "If in future the multi-millionaire MP wants to channel £40,000 to a partner, perhaps he might consider writing a cheque."


  1. Like you GV I am getting totally sick of the sanctimonious words from other MPs.

    The man broke the law - he has to go! As to him 'returning' - that is also completely wrong! If I had my way MPs would work on the basis one strike and you're out. It might just teach them the title 'Honourable' is one to be earned.

    Anyway back to Laws - if he wished to 'guarantee' his privacy, why claim. He could have afforded to pay 'rent' out of his own pocket and would not have missed it as he is, after all, a millionaire. Any questions and the answer is I rent a room, pay for it myself - end of questioning.

  2. Hello Mr W, they seem to still have no idea how defrauding the taxpayer out of £40k is going down. I can't believe Laws has barely gone yet they're saying he'll be back soon! They're just making it worse. As you say, if he'd applied some common sense he could have avoided all this very easily.

  3. Hang about for a sec here. Over the week-end, before he resigned the LibDum blogosphere was absolutely red hot with various arguments for his defence.

    They ranged from his sexuality, a totally red herring with respect to Law's parliamentary fraud, (that is of our money) to the problem of ill definition of a spouse or partner and then to the old chestnut that the country cannot afford to lose such a talented man when we are in this desperate hour of need.

    Let us take them one at a time.

    His sexuality was pummelled, in his defence and is simply, as I said something to divert from the real issue; fraud.

    DL nul Points.

    He had every chance to set the record straight in the last parliament. The rules were clear enough, even for someone without a double first in PPE and the old addage, if in doubt, ask someone who is paid to know, should have come into play. Either he thought the rules did not apply to him or he thought that quite simply he had got away with it. This is the man with keys to the Treasury.

    If you or I did anything like pilfer £400 out of the petty cash of our employer we would be out on the concrete toute de suite and possibly up in front of the Beak, given a criminal record and our DNA would be on Pold's database.

    One Laws for them, one law for us.

    DL nul points

    As for the little devil we know rather than the great big bad devil who we must shun argument.

    Taken to absurdium, Hitler was not such a bad chap after all, he build the autobahns and therefore gave us all the joy of Kraftwerk.

    Laws is a thief. He stole from us to give in cash to someone else. He is a rich an and probably makes more money in monthly interest from his bank investments but, his paramour is also not poor.They did not need the money but, plenty of pensioners do. He took it and fraudulently too.

    That is doubly damning in my book.

    DL nul points.

    Finally the LibDum blogoshpere deserves some stick for putting forward these arguments, especially this last.

    The last resort of the scoundrel is to wrap himself in the flag. Sounds a bit like it is the first also, for the LibDums that is.

    It really gets up my nose that the LibDums so quickly wrapped themselves in the mantle of the Union Flag and so quickly.

    LibDums moins cinque points

  4. I am confused

    but that he's also waived the usual severance pay for MPs.

    Do you mean that he has resigned as an MP?

  5. Probably the first in a long line of hatchet-jobs to keep the rest of the new ConDem Coalition Gov't in check.

    Have borrowed the quotes for my own little web-ranch - with friends like that to provide support to our 'corrupted', who needs North Korea.

  6. A slip of the keyboard, Bugger - it should have been 'ministers'.

    You're welcome, Jack - they were just gathered from various newspapers.


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