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Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Joke's On Erdington + Video Update

I've seen Jack Dromey give two interviews since Friday the 7th and I have to say he's just the gi f t that keeps on giving.  In case you missed the first one with Paxman following his selection as MP for Birmingham Erdington you can find the transcript here .  Once upon a time, I felt quite sorry for Mr Dromey being married to our own dear Harriet but the scales have dropped from my eyes and I can now see that they are made for each other.  I also understand why Jack says he will live in Erdington while Harriet continues to live in London.

I wish I could make videos from the tv and post them to YouTube but until my braincells expand or I can find out what equipment is needed, I'll just have to make do with taking verbatim transcripts and posting them here.

This is from the Politics Show (BBC) interview at lunchtime today with Jon Sopel.  You'll see his script hasn't varied much since Friday:

Sopel:  Jack Dromey, good to see you, thanks for being with us.  Do you think Gordon Brown's position is still viable?
Dromey:  I think that's absolutely the wrong starting point.  What's clear is this is not a Conservative country and a Conservative government would be a disaster for Britain.  Now what we need is a stable, progre... [interrupted]
Sopel:  Hang on, surely, they won two hundred, er, two million more votes than you did.  Labour wasn't a Labour country [sic] when Tony Blair won in '97, there was still a majority of people who voted against him.
Dromey:  I disagree with that.  We've been in power for thirteen years; we've just come through the worst global economic crisis in a hundred years; they've poured tens of millions of pounds of Ashcroft money into the marginals; they were 24% ahead... [interrupted]  Jon, let me finish...  They were 24% ahead in the polls.  They failed to win a majority in Parliament.  This is not a Conservative country.
Sopel:  Right, you've made that point.  Could the country accept Gordon Brown still as Prime Minister?
Dromey:  What the country wants is a stable, progressive government that offers hope for the future, that deals with the problem of the deficit and to be quite ... [interrupted]
Sopel:  That wasn't my question.
Dromey:  Jon,  I'm going to answer your question and, to be frank ...
Sopel:  And the question was ' Could Gordon Brown stay as Prime Minister.
Dromey:  Jon, Jon, this should not be a discussion around who gets which Cabinet seat, who gets a ministerial car and, as far as ...
Sopel: [raising his voice and throwing his arms wide]  I'm asking who is the Prime Minister.  Surely that is not an unreasonable question?
Dromey:  Er, Gordon Brown's our Prime Minister and forgive me if I say...
Sopel:  And he could stay?
Dromey:  Er, forgive me if I say this to Nick Clegg:  we will decide on who our Leader is.  The big choice, the big choice right now, is for Nick Clegg.  Is he a leader of a progressive Party or does he get into bed with the heirs of Mrs Thatcher.  Now, he's got  to ...
Sopel:  I'm going to try, sorry Jack, Mr Dromey I'm going to try one more time.  I'm going to try one more time because it seems to me an absolutely fundamental question.  Do you believe that Gordon Brown can stay as Prime Minister for the next 3, 4, 5 years?  Yes or no.
Dromey:  Gordon is the Prime Minister.  Right now the Conservatives and the Liberals are talking to one another.  The Liberals have got to make a decision: do they get into bed with the Conservative Party or do they talk to us about forming a stable, progressive government   If they wish to talk to us, we're ready to talk to them..
Sopel:  That doesn't sound like an easy 'Yes' answer that I thought I might get from you.
Dromey:  Well, I just think it's wrong that we start speculating, at this stage, about who the Leader is going to be, who gets which cabinet job, who gets which ministerial car.  That's not what the country expects of us.
Sopel:  Okay, alright.  Jack Dromey thanks very much.

Dromey could have saved two and a half minutes of air-time just by answering 'No' in the first place but it's never that simple for these "long-tongued liars" *.  Still, there's obviously lots of comedy mileage in Dromey for his constituents - perhaps that's why they elected him.  I know one thing for sure, any more interviews like these two and I'll be applying for a job as his speech-writer - what a doddle!

*  You'll have to listen to this week's  Sunday Reflection for the reference :-)

UPDATE @ Mon 10th:  Someone's posted the video on YouTube - link


  1. GV, Send me an email and I will send you what you need to rip TV to youtube.


  2. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! (hugsss)

  3. Is it? Oh, thanks Angel - and to you too. There's so much election waffle going on over here I hadn't noticed x

  4. Yeah, right, Jack.... thanks for nothing!

    I don't know why they even bother wasting air and airtime by having these twats on at all, GV.

  5. Hi Spidey, yes, he's typical of the thinking of the left - completely shut down to anything but the Party objectives. Jack's trouble is that he has a lot to learn before he develops the finesse of a Campbell, Mandelson or Blair. He's just an amusing/infuriating lab-bot at the moment.


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