"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Here's a novel use of poetry:
"Stop paying for credit
Stop paying the bankers' tax
Use interest-free credit schemes
Buy all consumer durables second-hand
Buy everything else from markets, family businesses and charities only
Stop watching television news
Stop reading newspapers
If you work for a publicly limited company leave your job"

The Matrix

Paradox | Vídeo MySpace

Here are two interesting websites I stumbled across, both are about the creation and supply of money:
The (proposed) Bank of England Act
The Money Reform Party


  1. " 1 Stop paying for credit; paid off all my cards some years ago, only use one now for t'internet.

    2. Stop paying the bankers' tax; see 1, above. no overdraft or loans.

    3. Use interest-free credit schemes; see i & 2 , above.

    4. Buy all consumer durables second-hand; have done so in the past.

    5. Buy everything else from markets, family businesses and charities only; whenever possible but the fact is Tesco sells the cheapest Smirnoff in town.

    6. Stop watching television news; threw out my telly about 5 years ago.

    7. Stop reading newspapers; used to buy the DT every day, now just once over the weekend and once or twice during the week.

    8. If you work for a publicly limited company leave your job; N/A."

  2. Hi Banned, you're up early. Some of the stuff in the video & the links might seem a bit extreme or left-field but at least they help to get the message across. It looks like you're well on your way. Bartering goods for services also seems worth looking into.

  3. I do some of that too, swapping bits of what I do for bits of what they do!

  4. Excellent find and if I didn't have to go to work, I wouldn't.

    Will read up on this later when I have more time but again, an excellent find.

  5. It don't think it says 'don't work' Jack, it just says don't work for the public sector or banks (at least, that's what I took it to mean). Though how you work for a regular company and get paid in anything other than 'money' escapes me. Anything that gets us thinking beyond the usual parameters is ok with me.

    Bartering has the attraction of cutting out the money-men and the taxman and it's something I'm going to give further, serious thought to.

  6. I hate paying taxes. Absolutely hate it. It's just legalised mugging.

    Have had a gander at the money reformist' sites and the thing they propose have Presidents shot, countries torn apart and threatens the most powerful and so by default most dangerous people that have ever graced the planet. No doubt some of the people ruling us from afar would make the devil blush.

    On a lighter note, I'm not a president, Peckham has gone 'Apocalypse Now' already but with more voodoo and the most powerful people I know are my Millwall pals, thankfully. So hopefully the powers that be won't take me on a walk in the forests.

    And I'm doing my best to skip out of the rat-race GV. But money is money and unless I get a bag with 'swag' written on it and a scooter for a smash and grab, know I'll end up on PAYE again.

    Being made redundant soon so I'm not giving up my benefits then. Hopefully I can bend Harry's ear and get myself a gaff. I'd even join the Labour party for that and vote for her - I wouldn't feel guilty at all as I reckon she could ensure Labour's opposition for a decade plus. Be the best pound I've ever donated to 'the cause'.

    All I want is a three bedroom mini-mansion along Glengall road with the basement intact. Damn, I'd settle for the basement if it had en suite. Surely a few crisp euros will do Harman, not like I want a peerage.

    Waffling again, long days to blame, that and the nerves. I feel kinda dirty after the pondering of my Labour induced subversion. Urgh, feel real dirty. If only I wasn't the best worker Britain had to offer I would take a sickie but the company needs me and I'm a sucker.

    The things we do for pride, let alone money.

  7. There'll never be any meaningful reform of money creation/supply while the ones doing the 'reforming' are the ones with the vested interests - or, at least, it won't be beneficial to us. We'll just have to muddle along as usual, as best we can.

    I'm sorry to hear about your job - I hope you find something else soon without going over to Harriet's dark side.

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