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Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Mosque At Ground Zero

What's this?  Proposals are in hand to build a mosque on the site of a building damaged in 9/11.  It seems the height of insensitivity to me and, needless to say, it's causing division and setting neighbour on neighbour.  Whoever thought that this would be a good idea?


  1. That's totally unbelievable. How insensitive is that?

    I doubt very much whether Americans will be happy about it.

  2. C'mon you have to clear the site before you rebuild! Makes you wonder if somebody's working an agenda?

  3. Given the US's debt, I guess Arab creditor countries will have wanted prime locations as collateral.

    The opening date is spooky.

  4. Yes, the opening date is a real kick in the teeth. I can 't believe it will go ahead now word's getting round - they couldn't possibly do it. If it was the UK it would have been proposed in the guise of 'healing wounds' - and anyone who opposed would have been labelled racist or inciting religious hatred. Ethics and morals are all back to front, everywhere.

  5. Clearly deliberatly provocative.

    In my city they just rebuilt their Mosque (good luck to them, no public subsidy) but had to build the minaret no higher than the neighbouring 3 story Victorian town houses, as a result the Mosque itself is rather small.

  6. Hello Welshcakes - me too. It must be the very very last place on earth to build a mosque. Now that the plans are gaining more publicity there's more of a reaction against it.

    Fair enough, Banned, if planning procedures are followed and noise is kept to a minimum (no muezzin) but it's not really the same as building on Ground Zero - as you say, a very provocative act.

  7. AnonymousMay 16, 2010

    Surely there's going to be loads of protests about this? Who proposed it? Obumma Beach showing his true colours?

  8. Hi Anon - I only know as much as is in the newspaper article but will try to keep an eye on its progress. Maybe any American readers here can add something more?


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