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Saturday, 15 May 2010

A New Quango

But, this time, it's one that *should* actually peform a vital function and is needed: it's the new Office for Budgetary Responsibility headed by Sir Alan Budd, former Treasury chief economic adviser and monetary policy committee member.

The papers this morning are full of Vince Cable's talks with ex-PM Brown (if Cable felt that strongly, why has he accepted a high-ranking position within the new coalition?) and the stabbing of former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Stephen Timms by a woman in a burqa,  but, arguably, the most important first step must be to get in an independent team of auditors to go through the books as soon as possible.   That's what they're doing this weekend.

The team behind the Chancellor

Peter Oborne  in the Daily Mail is the only columnist to address it in any detail today.  He asks whether George Osborne will dare to reveal the true size of Britain's black hole but the news is already with us:

£3.1 trillion debt
Unconscionable Brown

I hope that when the figures are revealed the msm really goes to town on it so that people finally get the message about the  true extent of Brown's deception and cover-ups.  If there need to be higher taxes and a cutback in public services we must never forget that it was the Labour government's unsustainable policies that led to it.

It's going to be blog-lite for a few days as I have visitors and there's more to life than picking out the minutiae of the Con-Dems fledgling policies, though I have to say that at the moment I'm unimpressed - Green environmental issues have twenty times more targets than any other, including Afghanistan, and the new Home Secretary Theresa May seems to think we should all be standing up to the knife-wielders.  More laws seem to be set to be introduced though I think time would be better spent making the ones we already have work.


  1. Another good Quango would be The Office For The Abolition Of Pointles Quangos And Cancelling Of Funds For Fake charities.

    "£3.1 trillion debt". Could someone please work out how much that is each? (Total population 60 going on 70 million, minus children, the retired, disabled, illegals and workshy).

  2. Nope, sorry Banned, the wiring in my brain short-circuited - it's impossible to comprehend.

    I hope Cameron makes a start on the quangos and fake charities soon - Parliament sits again on Tuesday so that should give us some indication of the direction he'll take. The first business though is to re-elect the Speaker - that should be fun!


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