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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Non-reporting Of Trilateral Commission In Dublin

From InfoWars Ireland. Here is a clip from a discussion about Ireland's national sovereignty and the EU proposal for budgetary scrutiny. Towards the end (roughly 07.20) an audience member asks why RTE didn't report on a Dublin meeting of the Trilateral Commission before the microphone is taken away from her. The reaction from the presenter is puzzling and I can't tell whether he's angry or scared.

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  1. Interesting reaction indeed ( came @08.00), turned away from the issue and treated it as broadcasting policy complaint.

  2. Thanks Banned, I was beginning to think I was seeing something that wasn't really there, or reading too much into his reaction. But it's true, we never hear when meetings like this are taking place, or the Bilderbergers. They should remember that if they've 'nothing to hide, they've nothing to fear' :-)


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