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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Say It's True - **Brown Quits** + Updates

*Just breaking*.  Reports of boxes being moved out of No.10.  Skycopter showing what looks like a huge removal lorry at the back of No.10.

All this follows earlier reports that negotiations between Labour and the LibDems had irretrievably broken down amid recriminations and bickering about 'non-elected' negotiators (ie Mandelson, Campbell, Adonis) being on the Labour team and Ed Balls' belligerent attitude towards the LibDems.

Where's the Queen?  If she's still in Windsor it could be tomorrow before anything official is confirmed, although it's only an hour or so up the motorway so it could be this evening if the Con/LibDems get their act together.  Conservative MPs have been put on standby for an 8pm meeting tonight.

A news conference by Cameron could be on the cards - a large room at St Stephen's Club is being cleared now.

Mandelson left No.10 with a grimace - hooray!

UPDATES:  *According to 'senior Labour insiders' Brown due to make a statement this evening.
* Downing St staff told to "expect something definitive" at 6pm
* Vince Cable says Lib/Con deal "very close to being done"
* The Queen's at the Palace
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