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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Smart Grids & Carbon Currency

After reading an excellent article by Edmund Conway about the possibility of an EU/eurozone meltdown I thought I'd dig deeper into the who, what, where, why and when of it all but I'm finding it impossible.

I've read and re-read but I can barely get my head around all the implications of smart grids and energy credits.  It seems incredibly futuristic and utopian, in a vaguely sinister sort of way.  Take this, for example.  The European Organisation for Sustainability proposes that, instead of money, there should be an Energy Accounting system.
"It takes energy to produce items and we can measure how much energy our production system takes. We then divide that production capacity in terms of energy among the people as Energy Credits (EC). The people the decide how to allocate production to produce goods via allocating ECs."
It sounds like another nutty socialist experiment to me but David Miliband thinks it's more "equitable and empowering " than the current system of taxation:
"Imagine a country where carbon becomes a new currency. We carry bank cards that store both pounds and carbon points.  When we buy electricity, gas and fuel, we use our carbon points, as well as pounds. To help reduce carbon emissions, the Government would set limits on the amount of carbon that could be used.
"Imagine your neighbourhood. Each neighbour receives the same free entitlement to a certain number of carbon points.  The family next door has an SUV and realise they are going to have to buy more carbon points.  So instead they decide to trade in the SUV for a hybrid car. They save 2.2 tons of carbon each year. They then sell their carbon points back to the bank and share the dividends of environmental growth."
And how would "the government set limits on the amount of carbon that could be used" [by individuals]?  By the use of smart grids in every home of course.

Smart meters for all by the end of 2020
Smart grid development grants
300 'smart' fridges on trial "for the first time, consumers will lose control over the use of electricity in their own homes." 
Carbon currency & Technocracy

And what of the people, or 'citizens/players/actors/stakeholders' as some prefer to call us?
The first limitation [on democracy] would be human rights. A basic contract or constitution should be in place to secure that the communities may not violate basic human rights. They may not discriminate people on the basis of gender, ethnicity, faith or disabilities. They may not create laws which are inhumane or violating the rights of people to their opinions, their personal integrity, their ability to utilise their energy credits or their right to move.
The second limitation would be that the communities will not administrate the continental infrastructure, which will be operated through the service of the European technate. The technate is governed not through direct voting. People will not vote over what is going to be produced, but decides it by the allocation of their energy credits. No individual could decide where anyone else is going to allocate their energy credits.
EOS: A new dawn

Oh, brave new world that has such people in't.


  1. Back Door Carbon Communism.

  2. ACO says it all really GV. The politicos won't be happy until they have total control of the population.

  3. Yes, the bottom line is control - the 'vision' of the EOS in particular is authoritarianism at its finest but the point is that it's all seemingly small steps so it's too late when they finally converge and the jail door shuts behind you. The idea of carbon credits, smart grids, smart meters must have total government/corporate control in order for the scheme to work in the way they say they want.

  4. Imagine my arse. I smell rigged markets, as always. I smell Miss Marple shopping us up for farting. I smell a bunch of clowns burning champagne bottles and beating baby caviar to death whilst we freeze and starve.

    The whole thing will implode and be destroyed by its own absurdity. The Tampon Hero knows that. His family has been in the business of selling absurdity for generations. Whilst getting independent enough to shit on our political economy and laugh at the poor.

    You watch. Our families will not travel anywhere. His family will jet where they want disguised as the usual commie crap.

  5. That's a bleak picture, Incoming. Let's hope it doesn't get that far.


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