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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Unconscionable Brown

What Brown says:  “I have got no doubt that under the Conservative policy that would be implemented in this emergency Budget in June, that you are moving into a period where you have higher unemployment, higher business failures, lower growth and a danger of a double dip recession.”

What Brown means is that whoever wins this election the things he mentions are on the cards anyway and the situation would be made much worse if Labour were returned or there was a Lib/Lab pact.  He's just preparing the ground for an early backlash against the Conservatives if they win, hoping that we'll all forget whose cuts they really are - his.

The best thing an incoming government could do is to have an immediate independent audit of the books and publish the result so that everyone can see the true state of the finances.  We have to remember why austerity measures are necessary:  £3.1 trillion debt..

Friday night is going to be a roller-coaster on the markets.  We're not immune just because we've kept Sterling but the right measures can offer some protection against the worst:
Global stock markets tumble 
Euro plunges as debt fears spread
UPDATE: It's not all bad news though - Merkel: future of the EU at stake


  1. I don't think Labour will be getting into power again.

    Judging by the online polls we will be seeing a Lib Dem victory!


  2. Great link, thanks Matt :-) Unfortunately, I'm not part of the great twitterati but others might find it useful. It certainly shows they've got a sense of humour.


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