"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 11 June 2010

B*gger Brown

My anger at what Brown, Blair and the rest of them did over the last thirteen years hasn't lessened - in fact it's being maintained at simmering point by ongoing revelations about their profligacy, deceit and the effects of their policies which will be felt for years to come.

Time and again the Labour Party has brought the country to its knees yet it's still voted back in by a trusting electorate (I'm Smiley Tony, a pretty straight kinda guy) (I'm Dour Gordon, here's my moral compass) so I'm glad that we can expect more to be uncovered as the months go by.  Here are some of the latest figures, gathered from the recently released COINS database, showing a fraction of what was spent since 2008 when Britain was in recession and the economy was spiralling down the pan:

£1.6 billion on aid, to be distributed via the EU, separate from aid distributed via the DfID
£1.3 billion on aid to Asia (DfID)
£2.5 billion on aid to sub-saharan Africa (DfID)
£14 billion on the pensions of senior civil servants
£267.3 million on pensions for senior judges
£178 million on MPs' pay and perks
£38.4 million to set up gypsy encampments
£80 million to refurbish the offices of the NAO
£442 million to the quango Natural England which disburses the funds further to other schemes
£148.7 million to something called the National Measurements Office to make us all go metric
£48 million to one of Blair's pet quangos, the Electoral Commission
£135,000 for 28 French 'designer' sofas for the Dept of Communities & Local Government

And why are we still paying for  Miliband D to drive around in a ministerial Jaguar, surrounded by protection officers?  It's time we stopped paying £6m pa for Blair's protection too as he swans around the globe playing at peace-maker and all round money-magnet.

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  1. And still the theft goes on, unchecked and unabated. I sometimes find it depressing that the majority of British people still favour inaction.

  2. It seems to be socialist worker/uaf types who take to the streets rather than normal people, TP. I don't understand it either, I never thought the British people would just roll over and accept 13yrs of being treated with contempt.

    In today's MoS a BPIX survey found 77% electorate wanted a cut in overseas aid - is Cameron listening? Not a chance.

  3. Listening, surely that would involve action! The UAF, at their own senior members admission are a joke. Protesting in a way that they supposedly are 'united against'. Sorry for being cynical but I was born in the eighties and I have lived all of my adult life under Labour, perhaps Dave and Nicky really do have our best interests at heart. But I somehow just don't see it or feel it.


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