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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Crims On The Streets?

Our new Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, is another one who seems to think that the public's perception of crime isn't justified by the actual amount of crime and his department is looking into the possibility of  not imprisoning thousands of offenders in order to save money.
Before the election, senior Tory figures claimed public fear of crime was justified.  Labelling the country 'Broken Britain' they said apparent falls in crime rates were the result of flawed statistics. 
Former shadow home secretary Chris Grayling called for a hardline approach on criminal justice to deter criminals.
Mr Grayling - now a middle ranking welfare minister - also compared parts of the UK with the 'urban war' seen on the gritty TV series The Wire.  Barely eight months ago he said: 'You can't run the system on the basis of whether or not being robust about the offences people commit will cause a problem in the prison system.  Letting people off just makes things worse and in the end creates more problems.'
The coalition agreement with the LibDems didn't mention prisoner numbers but appeared to drop the pledge to abolish sentences of six months or less.  Research suggested that would have seen 60,000 convicts who would otherwise be in jail walking the streets - including 285 sex offenders, 3656 burglars and 446 drug dealers.

Clarke asks, "But why is the prison population twice what it was when I was the Home Secretary not so very long ago?"  I'd suggest that's because he was Home Sec seventeen years ago and we've also had a massive influx of immigration since then.  In 2008, 28% of London's prison population were foreign nationals.  In the same year, in England & Wales as a whole, one in eight male prisoners and one in five female prisoners were foreign nationals.

Surely, the answer isn't to tread softly but to toughen up sentencing guidelines and deportation orders?

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London Evening Standard


  1. Fantastic! What a start, you can imagine the conversation:
    Dave; Nicky what are we going to do about broken Britain.
    Nicky; Broken Britain! What are you talking Dave Britains not broken I'm, I mean we are in charge now. Tell you what we'll scrap 6 month prison sentences, at least it looks we're doing something.
    Dave; Oh, oh right, sound good. Yeah lets do that.
    Cue imperial march as nicky exits.

  2. True enough, TP. It's hard to know what's going on with this coalition. So far, listening to the news, nothing very much has changed: neighbours are still being encouraged to spy on each other, a new 'lifestyle' quango springs up each week telling us what to eat, drink, think say. Perhaps it's just early days but I'm getting a bit frustrated at the lack of progress.

    As for Clarke - we'll see what his solution is. 17yrs of Labour's 'indoctrication' in state schools, drugs flooding in, welfare dependency all add to crime. It all comes down to an attitude of mind and Labour seems to have warped the collective mind of the country - you only have to read the comments in the DM or Guardian to see that.

  3. you're quite right GV. When it comes to the welfare system I've never been a believer in the Tony Benn attitude of why wouldn't people want to work, but nowadays it seems to be the case. A mantra of hopelessness has been cast over the working person and the main culprit seems to be the unmentionable topic of immigration. I just want to state that I am not a member of the BNP or UKIP, I believe that we should help those who need help, but the competition for jobs is so fierce that unemployment is now a way of life for some. I think there was a figure last year that Mcdonalds were taking around a thousand applications a day. Maybe British people are lazy as we keep being told and don't want these jobs, but from first hand experience thats nonsense. I myself lost my job last year and went from a sales consultant to a kitchen porter, because competition is just so high. Does welfare dependency breed crime, of course it does, but not because of the easy welfare system, because of a lack of hope and tarnished dreams.

  4. Talking of Ken Clarke has anybody heard the amazing news that he will be the new champion of anti-corruption for the UK this morning. What a joke! I commented on it in my blog this morning, its a simple blog but I'm just getting started.

  5. Thanks for the link TP and good luck with the blog.

    As for the Brits and jobs - if you consistently tell someone they're fat, useless, lazy and thick, they'll eventually stop trying.

  6. Cheers for the support GV, its tough going this blogging!


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